Saturday, February 4, 2017

Know Your Place- Stay In Your Stream - Lisa Patterson

Today more than ever, we as children of the  most High God need to know where we stand 
in that place where He called you to be. You are not called to be in anyone else place, but where
He called you to. No one has your particular spot and no one knows what you have been through
to get to where you need to be and where you belong.To be in the perfect Will of God, you will
have peace, be happy. Trevail and wait before the Lord. He wants you to get to that place where
religion isn't there.He wants us settled and complete in Him. Spend time to find true will of God.Eph. 6:13 Stand therefore to stand for me!
Only He can  give you His will for your life. You have to go completely His way. In thy presence
is fullness of joy. Quickly now, do it now! We are on a jet set:God's jet! We are his Intercessors in this day and time as well as in Paul's age,
especially if you are a Prophet. Eph.2:5-6. What is the total will for me? Paul said we have a high
calling. We are not a play thing. cannot be bounced around like a ball! In Rev. 3 the door opened
to come on up in the spirit.Don't have to work it, just receive it!It will be alright no matter how it looks. The enemy wants to haunt you with yesterday and more of it today. But the devil is a liar!
The Lord said, when you love me and I love you and let me know you love me with all your heart
 and soul and give it all to me, all the junk will go away in your soul! And all that you have been through this season is to get you to a new season in Him. the enemy wants you to believe it is all the old and nothig new. But he is a liar and it is a new yr. He has new things this yr so do not let him deceive you and make you think it is all the same. It is not and he has new plans for His people who love Him with all their being.He wants you to come to Him and let Him love you the way He desires The Lord Loves You and always has and wants you to come get to know Him. He has his arms wide open and is waiting for you to come to him with your all. Nothing held back. He wants all!. All you have to do is come and be not afraid. He will take your arms and make you well and whole again.
 It is going to be well with you and your soul but only with Him coming in and not
by the side door. He wants the front door entrance to your heart! Give it to Him. No one has what
He has given you and he does not make a zerox copy. there has never been another you and you
are valuable to Him. he made you and all that you have came from Him. We owe it all back to Him
but He is not asking for all our  money, just all of ourself! We need to come to the realization that
He is all we need in our lives and nothing else matters. Spend time with Him to get to know Him and
what he wants for your life! This is the day to let Him come to know Him and spend quality time
so He knows you care enough to see what all He has done. cannot get in the spirit without Him
coming to you and you letting him do that which only He knows how.Let Him do the arranging.
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today! Do not wait another minute. We are not promised tomorrow.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Merrty Christmas - Lisa Patterson

Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy new Year! This New Year 2017 will be the best yet!
God is about to do things we have waited on for many yrs! A year to be happy and a year to
be thankful for what the Lord  Jesus is about to do. It is breakthrough year. A new year for the
things we have waited on.He said this year would be different and a new one to his children obeying Him at all costs.The Lord loves you even if you hurt or have many problems. We all
do and that is life and we are not to expect life to be easy when we get to know the Lord. As a matter
of fact, it will be opposite! All kinds iof things will come against you. the enemy doesn't want you
to love the Lord but He loves you anyway. The enemy comes but to steal, kill, and destroy and
the Lord says I have come so you may have life and have it more abundantly. But you must stay
in His word. All the time so the enemy doesn't steal your joy! That is all he wants is to take away your joy. You may have faith as a grain of mustard seed and can do miracles, but without joy, the enemy is pleased because he thinks he has you. But he doesn't when you live for the Lord.It
is covered in the blood by our Lord Jesus who died for us on the Cross so we could live and not
spend eternity in Hell. It is real so do not let the enemy trick you into thinking it isn't. Then there would have been no reason for Jesus to die for us. But He did and hell is real. The way to go to
Heaven is to believe that the Lord Jesus died on that Cross for you and me so our sins could be washed away and we can spend eternity with Him. Anything that doesn't line up with the written
word of God is not true. There are many versions so do not be deceived. God is not mocked!
If you have anything that comes in the way of your walk with God, get it out and today.We
never know how much time we have here on earth. Only the Father knows and He knows
everything. He said, "I am Moving in a Mighty Way, and there will be a Suddenly and when that comes you will know it was by me. For man cannot do what I have planned and will do for my
people who love me at all costs. Please listen to me this day and take me at my word. I am a
Father of Truth. You may have not had a good earthly Father, but I came to change that in you.
So look at me and see what all I have in store for you this day."
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News That Jesus Loves You and Wants You to Come to Him Today! Be aware that He loves you even if you do not feel it. We cannot go by feelings.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Setting Prisioners Free - Lisa Patterson

The Lord sets prisoners free. Ps. 146:7. God's care for the oppressed and liberation of the
imprisoned are declared in Ps. 146. The Psalmist describes the one who "upholds the
oppressed and gives food to the hungry." On this Labor Day we should be thankful
for all who gave their lives to help us be free . All of this is cause for celebration and praise.
But the greatest freedom of all is freedom from our guilt and shame. No wonder Jesus said,
"So if the Son sets you free you are free indeed."John 8:36. Through Christ's sacrifice,are
set free from the prison of sin to know His joy and love and the freedom that only forgiveness
can bring. So, we shouldn't look over in the other yard to see if the grass is greener. It will
always have something we want and cannot have because the Lord wants us to learn we cannot
have things our way all the time. When you serve Him, you don't have a life of your own any
more. You are with Him, even though you may seem to be alone a lot. but others do  not understand
you when you walk with the Lord. He will have the craziest things for us to do some times that
seem off the wall and nobody will understand. He will also take people home when you do not
expect it and keep people here who seem to be mean as a snake! You can not know the mind of the
Lord but you can walk with Him and talk with Him and He will show you the way to happiness
that seems to be crazy to the world. You are here to serve a purpose, solve a problem, serve others,
 and help those who He sends. This is a dark world but there is still time for a sunshine again!
God is not through with us or this World or Country yet. There is always hope. A lot of things
happen we have no control over and that's when you surrender all to Him! He knows it all and can
take it all where we would have never made it at all. We must rely on Him for everything.
He said,"I am finishing up that which I started a long time ago. It seems to never get done, but
I am doing it in a way that is so creative that no man could figure it out. Let me just take you down
the isle that I am wanting to go so you will see the sunlight again. It has seemed dark a long time in
many ways and you thought it would never get better. I am saying to you that it is getting done this
hour, says the Lord. He said do not look at things the way they appear. Nothing is at first the way
it appears. So do not be fooled by the enemy and his devices, as they will not work with. Him."
So, be encouraged as we travel the road he has planned for us to go. He will never leave us nor
forsake us and let Him guide you each day. This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus
Loves You and wants You to come to Him today!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Walking With the Lord - Lisa Patterson

Today's passage is Psalms. 37:23-31. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He
delights in His way. That means to please the Lord you must walk in His steps that he has ordered that are for you and specialized
for you to walk in and no one else has your steps. Everyone is different and is not in the same boat
or responsible for each other. but to know what you are to do and where to walk with him , you
must get to know him by his word and let Him speak to you the way he does for you. God's hand will guide and direct you in your walk
 Him.God will only do for you what you obey.
It is with much prayer and spending time with Him to know where you fit in his plan for you. He paid a high price for you to walk with Him.
The Lord guides and guards all who walk with Him. You may not get it right every time, but that
will not deter the Lord from being there for you again and again. he does not give-up on His children.
They are his own and although uit may not seem to be the way we expect or like always, it doesn't mean that is not his plan. we have to walk down narrow roads that are rusty, rocky, may be dirty,
broken, and full of things we don't like to walk on. We do not always like what we have to do to please him. it is not a bed of roses. If that is what you were taught, you were not taught right.
His ways are not our ways and we must follow to go down the narrow path. But you are headed
in the right direction when you walk with Him.Then as you go along a while and go through many
things he takes you through, things change and he takes you through even more narrower places
you had not dreamed about. He will ask you to walk on a higher plane with Him. It can get scary
not knowing where you are going and just holding on to His hand. he will  not let go and let you
down no matter what. he loves you with His gentle love no one can fathom. Have faith today.
The Lord said," Walk up the ladder with me and hold my hand. I will guide your steps and you won't
fall. It will be an experience you have not had before. But it is a faith walk and I have the handle on the ladder so there's no need in being afraid.I want you to look down and see what is below and
what's really going on so you can see where I am taking you and showing you what is going on
below. You cannot see the ground level from below, so I would have you walk up the ladder with
me and trust me and see what's going on below so you can be safe with my hand in yours."