Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Simplicity Of Christ - Lisa Patterson

The Lord loves us, but He gives to those who reach out to Him. You have to get
out of the way so He can reach us. We get caught up in revelation that isn't
simple any more. It is too much of this and that. Christ was simple. he made His word to give to everybody so it would let everybody see what He is doing in us
and through us. Jesus is your life if you have asked Him in. That is it. You are
not your own any more. He paid the price so we wouldn't have to. He did it all
for us. Jesus is your life and it is that simple! Come to His table to get what you need. He is so simple and everyone is complicating Him. The remnant is tapped into the underground place with Him. There is coming an awakening. Being in the flesh is inability to please God. He is only pleased by our faith in Him. Nothing else will do.
Jer. 31:12 They(believers) shall come and sing in the height of Zion streaming to
the goodness of the Lord. Soul shall be like well watered gardens and they shall sorrow no more(if your soul is like a saturated garden). Like being drunk in the spirit. Isaiah 58:11 The Lord will guide you continually and satisfy  your soul in
drought. And strengthen your bones. You shall be like a watered garden and a spring of water whose water never fails(those who diligently seek him).
You cannot prove the scripture with your mind. It is all spiritual and you have to
get into Him to understand what He is talking about. He will make and keep you sane! Isaiah 55:10 He uses natural to show spiritual. Water in our lives keeps us healthy and so we don't dry up and fills us with Him. It causes us to be fruit unto men. You can even smell God's fruit on a person who has been with the Lord.
You can taste and smell the fruit. Like an example is we take a chair to sit in but
we are not the chair. He holds us and keeps us up. He that endures to the end
will be saved. that means he who is doing the Lord's work and showing love for His people and fruit, shall be saved! Stay with Him. You cannot fly or fight if you are dry. Must take Him everyday.
He took us to the pit with Him and now we are up in the air with the almighty!
Don't have to be in the pit because He went there with us so we would not have to be there alone! you cannot handle this life by yourself. It is not by works but
by my spirit that you do these things. He has taken us up to the High places.
There's a provision and blessing to come to. We are totally dependent on Him
He is our very being. Our living water. We depend on Him for everything! He loves us so much that our living breathing parts are made up of His being if we are in Him! We should never forget His divine benefits he has laid out for us. This is our life, to live for Him everyday and always. We have no other choice.Let Him love you like He intended to and take care of all your problems. The matters of this life are nothing in comparison to what's ahead. Live for the Lord and hear His voice, for He longs to reach out to you every day and always! "There is a new season ahead and a new awakening that your eyes have not seen and ears have not heard. Look ahead at the things I am doing and preparing for you. I love you with an everlasting love that is so deep, the oceans cannot fill it. You come on in and see how high my mountains are and that's the scope of the love for you to get into that I have in store for you this hour. Be still so you won't miss the hour and blessings that have been waiting for you. I am creating a New Structure and it has healing all around it for you."
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today!

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Assignment Part 2 - Lisa Patterson

11. When you are where you are assigned, there will be no rivals. You are not necessary everywhere. You are not needed everywhere you go. There is only one you and never has been another or will be another you. That is why no one understands you. God doesn't make copies, He is not a zerox copier. You are an original manufactured in the thrown room of Heaven way before your Mother or Dad knew you even existed. You still existed in the Father's eyes. Jesus didn't treat everybody the same, nor does he talk to everyone the same, so that tells that you are special to Him. Your assignment may require seasons of intensified prayer and fasting. It is a force in the world to change things in the spirit world.
You should fast during times of unusual attack and isolation. Fasting produces humility.It should be private and silent before God. It moves God to destroy the enemy. Fasting also births a season of restoration after loss.
Do not attempt to fast until you have forgiven those who have wronged you. And have a place for prayer every day and a time that you can set aside.
12.You may have seasons of pain. Must admit your pain. But it does pass. Become a learner and the seasons may not be as many. Determine to know where it is coming from so as to get to the root and dissolve it and know it before it comes around again. Confront the reasons for your pain. Make sure you are trusting the right people. Remember, broken people are masters at mending others. Always sow your greatest seeds during times of pain.
13. Your assignment and anointing will attract attack. It always will. There will always be an enemy to your God given assignment. Remember that when your assignment is awakened, your adversary is awakened against you. It happened to Nehemiah in Ch. 2:10.19.
Stay awake and alert and aware, productive and focused. Endurance is a must. Stay around those who are in the presence of the Lord. Always stay focused on your assignment. It needs to be an obsession. You cannot do anything you want. there is an invisible instruction in you that tells what you were made to do on earth. Persue the presence of God and his word all the time. You need to be around another intercessor also to pray for your family and assignment.
Satan only attacks at the birth of something significant in your life. He uses those closest to you as gates to your heart.use the word of God for defence.
Your faith is working for you every minute of your life. You must believe that.
14. Your assignment will always have an enemy.
Your assignment will stop something wrong from growing bigger. It will ultimately destroy something God hates very much.And it will strengthen something satan wants weakened. Exodus 17:12.
You must learn satan is the only true enemy. It is not people, he just has to use them. And you must decide to fight back. Eph. 6:10 I is your personal responsibility to stand up against the methods of satan against you. And you must decide to put on the whole armour of God everyday. The persistent win always. Stay on guard at all times. Your adversary, the devil, roams around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Your genius will emerge when you are in the correct place God has assigned for your life.
Be on guard at all times. Thanking God all the time good times and bad. have a good attitude and be the one the enemy hates to see wake up in the morning. Make him scared of you everyday instead of you being afraid of him. The Lord would say, "Walk with me and hold my hand and see the miracles that are awaiting you this day. I have waited on you to be with me and the gates of hell will not prevail against you. I am so pleased you would want to come and be with me this hour. The days are dark and the nights are full, and the light is in me and only me. You will not find happiness anywhere you go if I am not in you. So be of good cheer as I have come to take you with me to walk through the green pastures to smell the roses and gentle breeze. Be by my side and never let me go. I will carry you through the storms of life and not let the enemy have any part of it. Just take my hand and let go of all of it that has kept you down and I will remake it all new for you.Do not worry about tomorrow. There's a turning and shaking around to clear out the debris from your lives and in turn the Lord is bringing a new special place to be in with Him. Don't look back at anything but forward to the high calling in Him who made you to be with Him for eternity He will take care of the snare of the enemy as we pray and make a way for the new to begin in our lives. So, don't despair where you are and let the light shine.There is a new road to travel that is smoother and narrower than the old road. It had rocks and pebbles and hurt a lot to walk on it. This new path is straighter and smoother than before. People are on the path with their hands held out for you to help. If their backs are turned away, then leave them alone to God. There are many who will need you and you will see them holding out to you so give to them what I have said to do this day."
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Assignment Part 1 - Lisa Patterson

The Assignment is spelled out in Jeremiah 1. God formed thee in the belly and knew you before you were ever formed. He already had your assignment picked out before you were formed. It is invisible and no two humans God made have the exact same assignment. You were created on earth to solve a problem while here on  God chose you to solve a specific assignment. It is always to a person or a people.
1. Everything created contains an instruction, to solve a problem. Instructions are invisible but  never the less cannot be doubted. It is defined what you are in your DNA and cannot produce what is not there. There is a desire to increase and produce and multiply. Something within you wants to solve a problem for somebody, somewhere and sometime.That is your assignment.
2.You assignment will force your greatest gifts and talents to emerge. It is your own responsibility to discover your gifts and talents. It is not others responsibility to discover yours, it is up to you. It will require your personal  reaching, pursuing and moving toward it. Rom.14:12 Everyone will give an account of himself to God. The Word of God is the blueprint of your assignment, and must become your daily focus. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2Tim. 1:7
3. Never stay where you have not been assigned. You are not assigned everywhere. Go where you are celebrated and not tolerated. When people look at you in a stare and not seem happy, you should take heed and warning. It is not your responsibility to please everybody. You are not supposed to. There is a difference when you pour out your life at a specific place God has assigned you to be. It will be happy and an aroma that's not everywhere. There will be times when your own assignment to your labor is inaccurate. It will seem in vane at times. But through tenacity and determination, the winds of God will blow and His blessings will come.
4. Your assignment will always be a problem the Holy Spirit qualified you to solve.God formed it in you or you would not be capable  of the burning desire He placed in you. He is a creator and knows what He is doing. Go after your dream and calling that He placed in you. Isaiah 43:1 I have called thee by thy name, Thou art Mine. You may feel incapable of completing your assignment. You may feel weak and incapable. You may feel unworthy. You may feel foolish and weak. You may feel despised and undesired by someone. You also may feel powerless and without influence. Ps.5:12. You also may feel carnal and ignorant, or that your past wasn't good enough, defenceless and that you have too many enemies.
You may feel overwhelmed and that it takes too long for God to assist you and help you become what you are supposed to be.
5. Your assignment is to be accepted and not altered. You cannot afford the tragedies of an ignored instruction. God will not alter what He has made you and to try and get away from the assignment He created you to be is going to make you have to return to where you are supposed to be. When you get the wrong people out of your life, the wrong things stop happening. What you fail to destroy will eventually destroy you. What you fail to master will eventually master you. What you fail to conquer will eventually conquer you. Do not alter your assignment or you will face tragedy in your life.
6.It will make you feel inadequate. It will require the anointing of the Holy Spirit. the anointing is the power of God. Your assignment is bigger than you are because it is. Only God can give it to you to solve and nobody else has yours.
It will require more finances than you presently possess. The assignment will require the weakest part of you to be revealed. Jeremiah felt inferior to his assignment because it is bigger than you are. It will require boldness, and death to your carnal nature daily. It will also require more people than you already know. And it will require the continuous mentorship of the Holy Spirit.
7. Your assignment may be to someone who at first does not appreciate you. It will not happen in the beginning always. You may not be received at first, but you will if you are called to them. Jesus was rejected but it did not prevent Him from reaching out. Moses was misunderstood. His own people did not appreciate the calling he had on his life in the beginning. Paul beleived people could change. He had been changed himself. Titus was there to change the ungrateful into grateful people. He was there to motivate.
8. You assignment will always be to someone with a problem. Don't run from it because you are qualified to solve a problem for somebody while on earth.
A mechanic solves car problems. A dentist solves teeth problems, a banker solves financial problems,a minister solves spiritual problems, a doctor solves health problems, Mothers solve emotional problems. So, find the one you are qualified to solve. You cannot solve everybody's problem. Nobody is Jesus Jr.
Yours will determine and heighten what you hear. Others around you won't see what you do. The problem you notice is a clue to your anointing and calling in life. But you are not called to everyone because you cannot solve their problems.
You will have great compassion for the person with the problem. Gen 41;15-36.
If it is the will of God for you to solve a problem for someone, you will have the ability to do so.So understand you are not assigned everywhere, to everybody and you cannot solve every kind of problem! When God is involved, your assignment will always be to someone with a problem you are qualified to solve.
9. Your assignment will always be to someone who is hurting. Jesus came to heal and restore.He commanded the deciples to heal and restore. And He expects us to heal and restore. So, find out what God has called you to do and get prepared to do it. Don't waste time when He can let you know. It can be through a dream, Him telling you as a child, or at School, or through your Parents. or a Teacher may let you know through the Holy Spirit. But know a weight will fall off your shoulders when you find out what you are ordained to do in this life.
10. The anointing for your assignment may create great conviction and discomfort for others.The anointing that attracts some will always alienate others.The anointing on you will always force others to make decisions. The anointing on you may intimidate those in leadership or power. It can create problems when others are intimidated by it. Acts 24:27.
The anointing is the reward from the Holy Spirit for commitment to Him. And the anointing is the knowledge of God that exposes ignorance and error around you. Hebrews 4:12.
So, take this teaching and study what the Lord wants to give you today so you will not be confused as to where or whom you have been assigned.The Lord said," I have been building a foundation with your lives. It looks like the enemy is after you but it is my hand moving things around.Many of you have been going through a lot and if you have not been with me through the rough spots(rocks), then the buildings would crumble. They have to stand on sold ground. And that's why you have had to do  it with me to get you to a place where it's all solid and not built on sand. Everything today is instant and those who have had to live off the real thing for the right consistency, will see the solid foundation stand up under the pressure and the building will be on solid rocks."
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Favor With God - Lisa Patterson

Favor- I Samuel 17:8. David was rejected by his Father. Samuel anointed David as King. I Sam 18:8 says they were jealous of David getting in the Palace. He felt as if he was not needed when he was tending the sheep in the sheepfold although he was told he was going to be a King one day. How many have been told they have the anointing on them and are in the sheepfold? God has a way of taking greatness and hiding it till it's ready(behind the covenant).Greatness has to be recognized by the Spirit-not by familiarity. You do not always have time to learn the person.There's more in a person than what you can see. Jesus didn't look different than any of the others and was rejected just like anybody else.He was a common man with all the gifts the Holy Spirit had. But was not noticed as that. So you may have all kinds of gifts and nobody knows it.
God hides greatness behind the common.  Greatness is not learned, it is recognized. Most people don't stay but for a season. People come in seasons from where they are supposed to be. It is God's grace that you have his peace.
If the oil has your name on it, nobody can get it even if they get up there before you. David is the only one whose whole life was followed in the Bible. It started from 12 yrs. old until he died. When you get a word from God, you will have to go back to work and wait till He's ready for you to complete it. David was a Shepherd first even though he was a King.
I Sam.16:6 God chooses the one who is doing something and not lazy. your vision is for an appointed time and that's all you get. There are no details. Get in preparation for what you are to do. God expects change. David was anointed King at 12 yrs. of age and had to wait till the appointed time. From that day on he was tending Sheep. He was rejected by Jesse, his Father. He didn't do anything to deserve that but we have to give it to God and let him handle it. If you do not it will eat at you and cause problems in you and your household. Rejection hurts and it's hard to deal with because it is a heart issue. You cannot let it tangle up the affairs of life and hide it forever. It will manifest one way or another and it won't be pretty. It will come out because God did not design us to keep things in that do not belong there! Let go of anything that hurts and you don't understand. You can get rejected because that person was rejected in their life also. It can be a family line issue.
Rejection is listed in Mark 12:10. The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief Cornerstone. This was the Lord's doing and it is marvelous
 in our eyes. The Webster's Dictionary defines rejection as: 1) To refuse to acknowledge, believe, receive, to decline to accept. 2) to throw away as useless, unsatisfactory, to discard. 3) To refuse to listen to a person or grant a request. It is because of what has happened and the person may think God doesn't really want to help even though He loves you, but He does. It causes all kinds of family issues and can cause health issues. You have to give it to God. You may not know where it came from and may be in the family blood line. But give it to God right away and you will see the difference. Don't let fear hold you back and wondering if you will lose something if you let go, because you will gain to let go and lose to hang on. If you keep something God did not give you, He is authorized to take back something He gave you! This is His Law that we cannot have what He did not give us and He can take back what He did give us if we do not follow instructions he gave you. We are only given what He wants us to have.
The oil doesn't flow until it gets to the one who has it. So don't try to keep it away if God has given it to you. It is a gift from the Heavenly Father and He is showing us examples in His word of all kinds of people with all kinds of problems. But He will deliver us out of them all. Amen!  The Lord said He is not causing our problems we are facing. We need to listen to His voice and none other to not be confused. He loves us with an everlasting love we cannot understand and does not want us in turmoil. Be glad to do the things He has called you to do so as to hear Him more and do the great works He has called you to do. This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter - Lisa Patterson

It is the time of year to see what the Good Lord has done for all the people in the world. Those who have been, are here, and about to be born. Nobody is left out of the agenda. He loves everyone the same. Christ died over 2000 yrs. ago for you and me and all the children of the world, so we can have life in Him always and not death. We have to know that He died and rose 3 days later for everyone so that they might be saved and not lost. There is a Heaven and a hell, regardless of what anyone says. there's an aroa in the Word that is not in any other book about Jesus. What He says in his book is for today as well as when  it was written. There's no going back once you have accepted Him in your heart so you would be saved from the demons of hell, who are so real. If you think hell is not real, why do you go through so much of it here on planet earth?This is just a preliminary for what is to come, and it is as real as Heaven. Don't be fooled into thinking you can do what you like and be saved on and on and go to Heaven. Christ did not die for slip-shod faith. He died so we wouldn't have to have hell for eternity. People play with hell everyday of their lives. But it is nothing like the real thing. Christ wouldn't have died for nothing for us! He paid such a price for us and no man can understand it in their natural mind. It is indeceivable. You would not have done it for anyone! We do not know what it means to pay the price for our souls to keep them from hell. Heaven is for real, but everyday people go to both. Not everybody gets to Heaven whether it seems like it, or you wish it. It is much easier to go to hell than Heaven. All you have to do is be yourself and never change and never answer His call to bring  you out of yourself! So, do not be deceived. The enemy would love to have another come spend eternity with him. You cannot get out once you go in. I would not want to waste my life playing around with the creator of the universe and see if He would let me slide. It was an awful day when he was hung on that Cross for you and I. You may love your kids moire than anything in the world, but you would not be willing to be crucified for it! No one would. We have no clue what He went through to save us from an eternity of damnation. We need Him today.
So,let the Holy Spirit come into your heart today and give you a new lease on life, whether or not you are good or bad. It has nothing to do with it. Must be done to get to Heaven for eternity! There's no way back once you take it.
The Lord would say, "Stretch out your hand to me and let me take it now because the end is so near. I would not have anyone to perish. The price was paid too high for your souls. Let me have a chance in your heart and do not be scared. I will never fail you or turn you away. I am not the earthly Father, and I will clean you up. Your heart will be new and clean even though you do not think it's wrong. You will see. Take this chance today as there may be no tomorrow." So have a great Easter Sun. and if you have never accepted Christ in your heart, this is the most wonderful time to do it. Now is the time. May not be another. "There's a mess up under the bridge I am cleaning out for you to drive through. The enemy has thrown darts and wants to get you but I have stopped his attack. So come on down the road where I have cleared the way for you to drive through where you are supposed to be."
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus is Lord and wants you to come to Him today!

Friday, March 6, 2015

A Genuine Friend - Lisa Patterson

Ecclesiastes 4:9 Two are better than one. We all need each other in the body of Christ.  Jonathan and David modeled this example. Circumstances tested their friendship when David suspected that King Saul wanted him dead. Jonathan doubted this, but David believed it to be true. I Sam. 20-23. so they eventually decided David would hide in a field while Jonathan questioned his Father about the matter. When Saul's deadly  intent became clear, the friends wept together and Jonathan blessed David as he fled, vs.42.
You have a genuine friend in Jesus if you have accepted Jesus offer of salvation. He is a friend who never leaves you nor forsakes you. He gave  you the greatest love-one who lifts you when you stumble. He has shown you the greatest love one friend can have or another, a love that led him to sacrifice His life for you. (John 15:13). You can go the world over and never find a friend as trusted as Jesus. He will meet you right where you are. Even at your lowest point in life, when you think nothing will happen for you. When you are sad, lonely, afraid, and all the problems seems to mount with no answers. He has the answers to them all and can get you out of any tight and tough spot you never thought you could get yourself out of. When loved ones die, friends forsake you, all the things you thought were going for you failed. And He will still be there. You don't have to be perfect. He will take you just the way you are. You can already know him, and have many problems and think He isn't there. But, He will be there for you. Especially when you have issues that no man can fix. He is the fixer, and the brethern who sticks closer than a brother. All he wants is to be believed. That is the main priority with Jesus. Not how many degrees you have, houses you own, cars you have, schools you have attended, or anything to make Him like and want you any more than He already does. He just wants you to come to Him just as you are with no cleaning yourself up, and give all of yourself to Him. For He paid the price for you on Calvalry, and there is nothing you can do to make it right with Him except to come as you are and believe in Him. It gives Him pleasure to be believed. Nothing else does, nor will. Just come to Him today.
He said to take His hand and don't look back, just let Him guide and direct your way. You do not know where to go or what to do. But He has the answer even if it takes longer than you wanted, or thought. It may seem to not be straightening out, but trust in the Holy one who knows everything. Let Him take care of your needs. You can have a best friend, but they cannot do what He can for you.The Lord said, "I am moving mountains that have been there for a long time. I am moving things for your favor.  And I am pleased with your obedience and love you so much! God is driving the bus because the enemy doesn't want the end to come." So get with the Lord today to have your favor with Him. The Lord said, "Walk with me in the meadow where the butterflies and flowers are blooming. Everything will smell glorious and you will take my hand and let me show you the places we are going. The fragrance is from Heaven, and the butterflies are all different colors of the rainbow. They are light and airey and just what you need. So walk with me in the garden and the sun shines so bright. it is so beautiful! The meadow is clean and pure," says the Lord.
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today.

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Beginning - Happy Year - Lisa Patterson

The Lord wants His children to be happy no matter what is going on in their lives. He loves so much that we cannot fathom. The problem with believing this is the fact that all over
there's an enemy on every corner you turn and he wants to devour you slowly but surely. And you cannot let him have a place in your heart at any time. He is a slithering snake ready to take on any activity he can find a slot to get in to.
Beware people of God, the devil is a liar and always has been When he fell from grace after thinking he was smart enough and bright enough and gorgeous enough to be better than God, he lost it. He is on earth, however, and not in hell yet, like some think. He is alive, but as believers, we can smash his head under our feet. There's no losing if you get to know the one true God who adores you. Let Jesus in your life and have the capacity He wants(not just part of you), but all! he paid the price on Cavalry to be a blessing to you over 2000 yrs. ago on that Cross and blood shed for you and me  He is risen for everyone on planet earth. Don't allow the enemy to trick you into thinking you are not good enough because of what you have done or what happened to you as a child, or now! He paid a higher cost that anyone would ever pay for your health and salvation and of those around you that you are assigned to. You may think you cannot help anyone, but that is another lie from the pit of hell. He made you and adores you and  you are intricately made from the beginning of time. There was a place and time for you to be born and He planned it just for you and me. Don't take it for granted that you are here. You could be gone in a minute and there's no changing that. You cannot change the past and you must give it all over to Him as he knows exactly what to do with you and me! He wants your attention now more than ever.
John 10:10 Says, God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever would believe on Him would not parish, but have everlasting life. if that doesn't explain it to you, then read it in His word, the Bible. He loves the world and all it's craziness, uncleanliness, filthy rags we were, and those who have not come to Him, the door is always open. It is never too late to come to Him and ask for forgiveness of your sins and let Him cleanse you.You will never be the same, except you have to get to know Him by reading His word and following the example He set here on hearth to help others like you before you came to know Him as your personal Saviour. He wants so bad to get to know you personally and for you to know Him. This is a New year and things must come together to get your life back on the track it was intended, from the beginning of time. The Lord would say, "This is the hour to come to me as the days are short and I am speaking to you now. Do not let this day pass you by. It is a new gentle breeze that is blowing your way to nourish you back to my presence.A fresh aroma from Heaven to go to you as never before so you will know what Heaven smells and feels like. The hour has come for my sweet precious children to come and tend to my flock and gather together as never before, so I can show up like I want to. Be with me and no where else and let me show you how I care for you no matter the circumstances in your life or the set backs. I will take care of it all if you will let me do this thing for you. For this is the New Year for the things you have waited on for so long and like a shovel in hand, it will be handed to you for your obedience. The enemy wants to deceive, but keep your eyes open to his thwarts and attacks and see what will happen in your favour just to give it to me. A brand new gentle breeze blowing for the throne room of Heaven. And I am making a way where there seems to be no way for you children. The doors are wider than before to come on in and see me and get prayers answered that have taken a long time before. So come into me and take my hand to let me show you the way to go."
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good news that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today!