Saturday, February 4, 2017

Know Your Place- Stay In Your Stream - Lisa Patterson

Today more than ever, we as children of the  most High God need to know where we stand 
in that place where He called you to be. You are not called to be in anyone else place, but where
He called you to. No one has your particular spot and no one knows what you have been through
to get to where you need to be and where you belong.To be in the perfect Will of God, you will
have peace, be happy. Trevail and wait before the Lord. He wants you to get to that place where
religion isn't there.He wants us settled and complete in Him. Spend time to find true will of God.Eph. 6:13 Stand therefore to stand for me!
Only He can  give you His will for your life. You have to go completely His way. In thy presence
is fullness of joy. Quickly now, do it now! We are on a jet set:God's jet! We are his Intercessors in this day and time as well as in Paul's age,
Especially if you are a Prophet. Eph.2:5-6. What is the total will for me? Paul said we have a high
calling. We are not a play thing. Cannot be bounced around like a ball! In Rev. 3 the door opened
to come on up in the spirit.Don't have to work it, just receive it!It will be alright no matter how it looks. The enemy wants to haunt you with yesterday and more of it today. But the devil is a liar!
The Lord said, when you love me and I love you and let me know you love me with all your heart
 and soul and give it all to me, all the junk will go away in your soul! And all that you have been through this season is to get you to a new season in Him. the enemy wants you to believe it is all the old and nothing new. But he is a liar and it is a new yr. He has new things this yr so do not let him deceive you and make you think it is all the same. It is not and he has new plans for His people who love Him with all their being.He wants you to come to Him and let Him love you the way He desires The Lord Loves You and always has and wants you to come get to know Him. He has his arms wide open and is waiting for you to come to him with your all. Nothing held back. He wants all!. All you have to do is come and be not afraid. He will take your arms and make you well and whole again.
 It is going to be well with you and your soul but only with Him coming in and not
by the side door. He wants the front door entrance to your heart! Give it to Him. No one has what
He has given you and he does not make a zerox copy. There has never been another you and you
are valuable to Him. He made you and all that you have came from Him. We owe it all back to Him
but He is not asking for all our  money, just all of our self! We need to come to the realization that
He is all we need in our lives and nothing else matters. Spend time with Him to get to know Him and
what he wants for your life! This is the day to let Him come to know Him and spend quality time
so He knows you care enough to see what all He has done. cannot get in the spirit without Him
coming to you and you letting him do that which only He knows how.Let Him do the arranging. The Lord said," All that you have been through is tio get yo to the place where you are supposed to be. the enemy wants you to think you are going backwards. But not so, it is a new yr. and a new day and many things are about to happen to those who have love Him with their all in all. Do not be weary."
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today! Do not wait another minute. We are not promised tomorrow.