Friday, August 15, 2014

Power Of Encouragement - Lisa Patterson

Proverbs 16:24, says to encourage. Everyone needs to be encouraged. We need to do this at home and everywhere. We don't do it enough
 at home or in the public like we should. But God says we
are to because you do not know what someone might be going through. It
may not show on their faces and they may not drop a hint, but we are to
encourage all the time. When we do, we get a blessing from it, and not just
the others. Everyone, old, young, successful, less than successful, famous, feeling hopeless, helpless,
 needs to be encouraged. It does not matter where you come from or where you are today. Life gives us hard knocks anyway, so we are to help
the brethern in our everyday walk. We do not know what someone is facing
in their life. I could be a divorce, loss of job, poverty, loneliness,or even  a
person they have to care for and don't know what the future holds. It might
be that person lost a child or loved one. People need help and we are to give
them the attitude that we are there for them as Christ did.
Proverbs 16:24 says pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the
soul and health to the bones. We all need that. Too many times we are
receiving the opposite. Too much of home life is the opposite for so many
people on this planet. They need to hear about the gentleness of the Father.
If you treat a man as he appears to be, you make him worse. But treat him
as he would potentially could be, and you make him what he should be.Let us
be enriched by His everlasting love for us, as we do not want to be our own
any more after living the way we have all our lives. He knows everything.
So be encouraged to be who you were meant to be, and not what you might
think you are. God created you to be His finest and He doesn't run a Zerox Company. He is a Creator, not a duplicator. No two people, whether identical
twins or not, are the exact same. No enemy can make any one and make them
as special as He does. Everyone has their own blueprint inside them of what
they were created for. No 2 are alike, even in the same business or ministry.
He puts you where He wants you. It is where your money is. It does not follow
you . That is the place you will be best at and the best will come out in you. Go where you are celebrated and not tolerated, and you will be at your best.
The  Lord would say, "Let it all go and give it all back to me. I have a place to put everything you cannot carry. You must trust me and give me your load to bear. You do not need to take on a burden that is mine and I know what to do about it. I have room in my house for all your needs. they aren't yours any more.
So, let me have everything in your closet you do not need any more. Clean out the things you have had a long time and give them back to me. I will restore it for you. I love you more than you will ever know. Get closer to me. Things are not as though they appear to be, so don't look at the way things are, but to me, the author and finisher of your faith. I have paid a high price to get you to love me and come to me and get to know me. I have taken all I have within to get to you so you can get to know me. It is not about you, but me. There's much more if you will come unto me and let me show you how much I have and care for you."
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants You
to come to Him today!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You Are Not Your Own - Lisa Patterson

II Timothy 3:1 says you are bought with a price when you come to the Lord. You are not your own any more and cannot do as you want. It is not you any more, but He who lives in you forever. When you get saved, you are
bought with a price, and do not belong to ourself any more. there is no more
doing what you want or looking back at what might have been or what you
could have done. When you realize these things, and get to the point of
knowing you belong to the Lord, Things start to change in you mind.
It is  not a small venure to take the narrow path, but when you go with the Lord, the path you live is smaller and better than the world has to offer. Let no man deceive you or lead you astray. Our body stays the same, but the spirit man changes, and the soul has to line up with your spirit by studying the word. God is not mocked, you will take on a new life, but it will come with a high cost of dying to yourself. You may think you can still do as you please and go where you want to go. But you can't always do that. You will find out quickly that the road less travelled, is the harder road, but will bring you joy and peace through circumstances that come up in life you thought you can handle on your own. The evil one roams around seeking whom he may devour. He never rests. He is always lurking around to see who he can take back the Lord had. Those who are not saved, he isn't as concerned, because they are an easier catch. II Tim. 2 Your grace is in the Lord. We are not to be intertwined
with the world system.The enemy is aggressive, so he does not sleep.
I Peter 1 Says we are a stranger to this world. Having all to stand, stand through it. Do not look at the things seen. You have to have people who pray with you
by the spirit. not just any one. Always be careful who you let in your life. Not
everyone is to be with you or in your life. He will assure you of that. Psalm 37:7 Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. Do not fret, for He is with you. Jesus died to make you worthy. How much more could you ask for? Lamentations 3:25 The need of waiting is that the Lord is good to those who wait on Him. You have to shut out the voices of the world and to the soul that seeks Him. Isaiah 30:18 God waits for men to wait on Him. Blessed are all they that wait on Him. We must trust God for everything, not just what we want to trust Him for. The Lord said if He got us out of our situations, He would have to put us into another so we would have to love Him and wait again. He is going to do it His way and there's no need in trying to fix it all yourself. Proverbs 8:34 Blessed is the man who heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors, calling my people to come to me. We need to listen to what He is saying to us at this hour. He is loving us when we think something is wrong. He is watching us all the time and He is our God who will never leave us or forsake us. For he loves us more than we can know. The Lord would say," Have I not told you how much I love you? Have I not already shown my love for you, even through the valley. It has been hard, but I have not left and will never leave you. I am mending your hearts and fixing the stony places, and hard places and hurts that have occurred over time.Some have been rejected and feel as though they can't get ahead. And others feel as though God is upset with them, but know that He is a just God. I want you to have a clean heart pure for me. To love others you must have surgery of the heart to get your heart back where it needs to be in me. Some have been wounded so deep, but I am mending it back. Let me take care of it all for you. I have already done it all, so do not take it back yourself. I have paid a high price for you to let me come into you and do that I am wanting to do in your lives. So give it back to me again and don't look back. I am handling it all for you, just let me do it. Don't pick it back up, for I have already taken care of it all whether it looks like it or not.I am changing things that have been stale for a long time. No need to worry about your life any more.It belongs to me now and I am changing all around you."This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Holiness Of God - Lisa Patterson

God is a Holy God. And there is no other! We can never take it lightly what all
He has done for us. He sent His only begotten son, who was blameless, to take
on the whole sins of this world, for us. He that knew no sin, became sin, for us.
He died so we don't have to worry about who we are or anything at all.
Matt. 20:22 says the cup is prepared by the Father. You will be baptized with
the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The left hand is not mine, but for those prepared to do the work of the Father.
 II Cor. 4:3 Gospel veiled for those who are perishing. You need to take this seriously as time is short.If you can
preach the gospel without having to always quote it, it just comes out. Then it's an anointing that's Heaven. Some must quote and read.
Rom. 3:21-31 we are justified by faith. Rom. 4:17 God calls those things which are not as though they are. So we must speak those things we want God to do
which are not, as though they are. Always speak it that way for the right results.
Rom. 5:6 Christ died for the ungodly. There's not one righteous. We need a mass humility in this earth. Everyone thinks they have a right. If you understand
mercy, it will break you. he loved us so much that He paid a propitiation for
our sins. They took the blood from a perfect lamb and sprinkled it on the mercy seat for our sins, so we did not have to die the horrible death the enemy had for
us. The blood was received for our sins. We can never do enough right.
Titus 3:3 Be subject to the law.  Speak evil of no one and be peaceful  to everyone. It is not by righteousness of our own. but the washing of the word.
We have been made a new creation, and a renewing of the Holy Spirit. Your
mind gets renewed to truth and away from the world. He empowers you to
have a boldness to witness to others about Christ and what He has done and the
great salvation He has paid for us all to have.To have such a God as we have is
nothing short of a miracle. We should not take for granted what He has in store
for His children and everyone. He loves us all and is no respector of persons.
He is there at all times for us to hear His voice. we must talk to Him and keep with Him all the time. Read His Holy Word to receive faith. it comes from
hearing the Word. Then you may be set free from your doctrines of devils
you have been brought up with. And you will be set free from anything that
binds you. You will learn the Lord and his righteousness. And you will be one.
Be free this hour so you may hear Him and His great love for you. He is not
hiding from you until you disobey. That takes you back on the wrong road.
The Lord would say to you,"Look into my eyes and see my face. I am wanting you to look straight at me and not to the left or the right. Can't you see what
I have already done for you? It's not about what the enemy has done. Don't look
at that. Look at my face and see what I am saying to you this hour. There's
a new beginning and a new year to which you haven't grasped yet. I am just
starting the new path - cleaning out the old ways, making a new path this year.
You're healing is here too- all kinds of healings, different for everybody. Take it
home and give it to your family." The Lord is straightening out things in His
way. We do not have to do it for Him. He is leveling out things.
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that God Loves You and wants you to come to Him today.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Faith - Lisa Patterson

Faith is taking God at His word and His word at face value. God has limitless
supply of resources from all who trust in and obey Him. Fearing that we will
not have enough is an insult to God who has revealed himself to us.
Believe God is able to supply your needs according to His riches in Christ
Jesus, even when you know not how. Know that God promises to keep his
people alive in famine. This applies spiritually too. God's spiritual resources
for you are limitless, even during times of spiritual drought. IIKings 4:1-7.
Choose to believe that you will always have enough resources to do the Will of God. II Kings 4:43-44. Faith is rooted in a trust in God's witness in scripture as illuminated by His Holy Spirit. One must continue to believe the scripture and
become loyal to it. Develop spiritual 20/20 vision. Choose to believe the Bible
as the absolute word of God. Believe the words of those who proclaim God's
word. trust prophetic "words" brought by Godly men and women. II Chron 20:20. Faith takes God at His word. Do not question His promises. Through
faith we can speak confidently, praising His for promises that will bring
success.Express gratitude for all success and favor. Neh 2:8
The man or woman of God will not seek recognition because he or she knows that God sees and rewards. Know that God will not forget your acts of
righteousness. He will reward them openly in His time. Esther 6:1-11.
Fear is the opposite of faith. it is believing what God says is not true. God
commands us not to be afraid. Faith is able to trust God and not act out in fear.
Fear shows lack of faith in God and His promises. Job 3:25. Rely on the Lord's
protection against verbal attacks and do not fear them. Job 5:21.
God wants us to take Him and His word at face value. Be consoled that God
is everywhere and always present. Psalms 139:7. Be assured that as you continue in Him, the Lord will most certainly fulfill His purpose for you.
Psalm 138:8. Do not fear when God's direction takes a turn you do not
understand. He knows what he is doing. Gen. 12: 1-9. Do not strive to fulfill
God's promises on your own. It always backfires and causes undesired
results. Gen.16 1-4 His nature is to provide, so trust Him that He will do
that He said He will in due season.Faith in God honors Him and results
 in your receiving what He intends for you. Judges 4:9.
Belief results in obedience, what we practice provides evidence in our faith.
Faith sees beyond trials and obstacles, knowing God uses them to strengthen
us and shape us into Himself. Our faith should lead us into wanting us to
worship God. II Sam. 7:21. Know that God knows how to care for His servants.
II kings 17:1-9. For He loves us so much that He gave us His only son to die
for us and the blood of a spotless lamb slain for us, to keep us from going to damnation for eternity. This is the kind of God we serve. He wants us to
have faith to know He will take care of you and do that which He said if
we will only believe. His first priority with us is to believe Him. That is what he wants most and foremost. His 2 great motivations of His blessings are faith-
fulness to His Word and  the loving generosity of His heart. We need to get
close to Him, as He is wanting that more than anything, because He paid such a high price for us to come live in the Kingdom of Heaven with Him for eternity.
The Lord would say, " There's a gentle rain coming down to wash you. Not
a flood, but a daily rain. The Lord is fixing places in our hearts, deep places
 we need to be healed. He is straightening out our families. Walk closely with
me. I want you to come to me and ignite the fire again. I am so pleased you
come to worship me. I love you so much and gave my life for you. A gentle
rain long enough will flood us of all things and cleanse us and heal our
hearts. Our hearts have bruises and wounds He can see. When we get born again
we get a new heart, but there's still darkness still there. A bright light was
shown in the window- a white light. So, come unto me and let me take it
all from you and all your worries and cares. For I careth for you, says
the Lord. For there is no other who loves you as much as I do."
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you
to come to Him today.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Idols You Cannot See - Lisa Patterson

There are idols we cannot see that are in us we never knew about. And the Lord is trying to show us so we can do something about it. We do not want it to come between us and the Lord.
Exodus20:5 Things inside of you that you cannot see. We are all born "twisted" in the spirit, the word is iniquity, to be(bent or twisted) in the spirit. So you were not able to do anything about it because they are things you can't see that have been brought down from your ancestors in the bloodline.Like adultery, perversion, rejection, lust, anything that you cannot see with the naked eyes, and has been handed down to you in your bloodline. All babies are soft and sweet and precious, but have something in their blood handed down they did not know about because of our first father, Adam, in the garden of Eden. It's not something you got mad about yesterday and can repent and get that taken care of. This is much deeper, and only the Lord wants to help you get rid of it because no one can. You cannot set yourself free from immorality, drugs, alcoholism, or anything that binds you. Jesus said you must be set free by being born again, and that is by the washing of the blood to make us whole and clean again. You will then get a new blood type- a new code, by the Holy Spirit. He loves you and wants to clean you up from what is bothering you from the past and still things holding you back from the future. You do not have to come to him clean and good. He will take you just the way you are and make you straight again, so you can have the peace and joy of the Kingdom of God again, and be happy! So do not be worried that your Father won't forgive because He will. Or may not even be aware they exist without the Lord showing you. If you are saved, you can become "untwisted". But if you are not, it won't happen because the Lord is the only one to help with this. It can go back to 30 people in the bloodline. Your parents,(2), grandparents, (4), great grandparents, (6), all the way to 30 in the bloodline. It is in the bloodline and has to be renounced.You have to be delivered from this evil that lies in the family and all have some. We are born with internal life forces. Adam got us bent by disobeying the Lord by eating of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. Lay the axe to the root. Iniquity goes back to the 3rd and 4th generations. Disturbance causes sin in your life. Must get rid of it to proceed with what the Lord wants you to do for Him. Everybody has something that they got from their bloodline, and it'll show up sooner or later. You must want to get rid of it. For to keep something God did not give you is the same as idolatry. Not just liking fancy cars, houses, money, travelling, etc. But wanting to hang on to things you do not need and are causing problems for you and your family. It could be you have ADHD, OCD, Depression, Oppression, Autism, any Addictions, Gambling, can't stay put and be happy. Always on the go. The spirit of Lust can never be satisfied. It will make you want to go for more. Anything you think you have that you must take care of your self and cannot seem to let go of. It may be loved ones have it and you want to help them by keeping it for them instead of learning how to help get it out. That's going before the Lord to try to take care of it and not do it the way the Lord wants you to. If you are saved and want to get rid of these things that hold you down, the Lord will show you how to if you ask, It may be right away or little by little. But we must not hang on to something we know He is telling us to let go of. He loves us that much that He is a jealous God and will have no other God before him. So before you go out to the bar again, or go shopping for things you do not need again, or anything you are doing instead of being what you are supposed to be, is in the way of pleasing Him. You must ask the Lord for deliverence from these things that bind you and have all your life. They interfere with God's plan for your life. You cannot continue to be righteous and not stay clean and Holy before the Lord. He is the only way out of trouble. We must not feel guilty for being born the way we are. Just ask the Lord to change. You cannot live with addiction, unwholesomeness, on and on. It will not go away on it's own. Can be other things we have hidden also.Rejection is one of the most common of the iniquities that you didn't cause in your family. Praises will get it out of you and asking the Lord to get these things out also. There's always a mixture in us until we get these things to of us to hear the Lord more clearly and to be one with Him. Gal. 6:9 Faint not and do not let your heart be troubled. For in due season you shall reap the wheat he sewed. You didn't ask for the iniquity. But you must get it out. Don't get the victim mentality where you always find a reason to blame what happens and says Isaiah 53:5 The Kingdom of God in the Holy Ghost is Righteousness, Joy, and Peace. If you do not have those three, you need to check yourself and make sure you belong to the Lord. Without those you will go through life day to day, not knowing how to get these things out of you. Only the Holy Spirit can do it for you. So, be on guard for the things the Lord is talking to you about today. He loves you with an everlasting love that no man can match.And He is saying, "Come to me. I will take care of it for you. Let me love you and clean you up with my fresh water from Heaven. Put your weary head on the pillow that the Holy Spirit has filled with His own cotton, to lay your head down and rest. I will take care of your burdens. Just give them to me once again. The enemy wants to steal from you, but there's a hedge of protection, if you come to me and give it all to me. I will fill your lonely heart, and take away your sorrows. Be by my side all the way so I can give you the clean air from above for you to breathe. And fragrance from Heaven to fill your house. Be cautious, and learn from me, as I have much to teach you and tell you, if only you will do that I asked." Come to Him today and get cleaned up. This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sin And Leprosy - Lisa Patterson

The same rod Moses stretched out to the Red Sea is the same one to surrender yourself to the Lord and let Him work through him.The leprose hand was clean until he struck it in his heart, then it was leprosy. Showing the condition of the heart. Leprosy outwardly is what sin looks like inwardly. I Sam. 16, The Lord looks inward where man looks outwardly. James 1:13 God cannot tempt man, only the evil one can tempt man.

Lev.13 Examining skin for leprosy. Sin is dangerous to you and the Church. If
you can sin and not know it, you are not saved. If you know it, then you are saved and should be convicted. The signs of leprosy are:       
1 If hair on a scar turns white
2. takes root and gets down in the flesh
3. presence of raw flesh that did not heal, Gal 5:19 very blattened
4. spreads and is contagious. It affects other believers. Rebellious attitude
spreads like wildfire. Leprosy isn't known in most of the world. Luke 5:12
spiritually, only Jesus can remove sin. Rom. 6:23  The wages of sin is death.
Have you received the blood for payment of your sins (are you saved)?
Jer.29:11 The thoughts of us are good and not evil,the Lord says, plans to prosper, and not harm you. Thoughts to give you peace and show you mercy.
Isaiah 55:11 My word shall not return void but accomplish what I have, says the Lord. God wants to do things in our lives but he wants to go to destinations
to do them because we don't have all that we know to do. Others do that have been there and had to be in the pit with the Lord to get it.
God has to have a prepared vessel with the anointing that has been somewhere
to get the anointing. A 17 yr. old Priest isn't ready to be a King yet.
I Sam 17. Saul was jealous of David and Saul was close to the throne, but not
quite ready. But the Lord knows when He is ready to use you. Get ready.
Luke 22:31 Enemy is desired to sift you as wheat, but God's plans are much
bigger. I Peter 1:7 The trial of your faith is more precious than gold. God is preparing each step for David to be King You must be able for service before
 becoming a King(the people). I Chon.11 David is a mighty man.
The Lord wants everyone to be saved. Leprosy was a terrible disease that was in the olden times. but today, there are so many more that come on us from sin. Not everything is from sin, but the lord does not want anyone to be sick. he wants us to come to Him and be with Him the rest of our lives. The enemy means buisness and he will not stop at anything he can use to get our attention on the
world, and not the Lord. It is a narrow road to travel to be with the Lord.
But you will experience peace, joy, love, goodness, mercy and grace, with the Lord when he is your Father. it is a terrible thing to have a disease like leprosy
(a type of cancer only the Lord can cure). There are many others only the Lord can cure. You do not want anything the enemy gives out and he is more subtle than the beast of the field, and cunning, and will make you think everything is
fine, but then it gets worse and never better. Always the same, no peace, sleep,
joy, patience, mercy, as you get with the Lord. Time is short and there's no time to waste to get to know the Lord as your saviour. Many get saved but do not know him as Lord of their lives, and therefore the doorway is still open for more disasters. because the Lord wants all of you, not just part. So, come to Him today and you will see a change very soon. The Lord would say," Today is the day for your new beginning and come unto me to hear my cry this hour. The days are dark and the enemy is searching for whom he may devour. So, don't get caught up with the frills of this world and the lights and fancy ways of the world. It is just a way to get you off track from the enemy and he has a way of being sly. But I am here this very hour to help you and save you from the dark days and the things of this world. Don't go that path as mine is straight and narrow and I will lead you. You will not be lead astray as you would by the wide path the enemy wants to entangle you in. Take my hand and let me lead you the right way. I want my people to come unto me now. There's a new garden I have planted. And I have fresh new flowers full of love and joy and a new peace, says the Lord,that you haven't experienced before. It comes from Heaven that is in the place where I have planted it for you. All the Godly things you have desired are there waiting for you to come get it. So take my hand and stroll with me through the path of light and garden of love I have planted for you."Repentence is the key to God's blessings and He will hear you and clean you up if you ask.
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today. For time is short and we do not know the hour when the Lord will come. It will be too late if you keep waiting and He comes and you are not ready. So come unto Him today and let Him live in your heart and make you a new creature. Do not let the enemy let you think you're ok in the heart without checking yourself to see if there's anything that needs to be cleansed. it will change your life and make you new again.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Seven Laws Of Success - Lisa Patterson

The Seven Laws of Success

The only thing the Lord wants the most is order. Not salvation, or money.
Decisions decide seasons. Isaiah 1:19.
1. Law Of Difference - Must discern the difference from others. Success is
produced through difference. No one is made alike and the way to tell if you are doing what you are supposed to do is your difference from others. You will
always have a difference that distinguishes you from others. What you can tolerate, you cannot change. if you can accept $8.00 an hr., you cannot change your future. You have to want to do something that nobody else has in order to make a difference. God did not decide your decisions. You did cause He gave you a will of your own to decide what you want to do with your life. But if you do not choose to do as He has created for you, then you will be miserable all your life.

Everybody will not accept you the way you are, but there is no other you. God didn't make a zerox out of you. No such thing as a clone. Everything was made to serve a purpose and solve a problem while on earth.You are unique as you are and no one is alike. There are differences in assignments and gifts in everyone.

2. Law Of the Mind - You mind needs a focus. It is your servant. It was not
made to master you, but you to master it. Eph. 1:17 Says the mind needs a focus and without it you will be miserable until you find out what your focus is on earth. Spend your money on your mind. It is a wonderful thing God has given you.Every house is different. There are those who build there's around children.Those who have there's as a house of learning(books and libraries at home), and those for conversation(talking about everything that they love and discipline etc.) Psalm 91 and 37, strength of the God.

The mind needs an assignment. Your mind needs pictures of where you are going.Put up pictures of where you want to go in life. It maybe you are destined to be on the water as a Boat captain.Or a fisherman. You may want to be a flight mechanic, or a Pilot. Whatever it is, you did not decide it. He made you that way. You can always do more than one thing,but the one most promenant in your life is the one that is first.

Meditation is to mumble to yourself. To tell yourself what you are doing with
your life assignment. It is your job to find out what God created you to do.
But you won't know for sure until you get to know Him as Lord and Savior.
Your assignment is anything you were created to do while here on earth and
it was decided in your Mother's womb before your birth. Jer. 1. He created
you and your assignment before you were born. And it is an invisible assignment. No one has exactly what you have to complete your assignment.
You may be a Dentist, a Doctor, a Lawyer, a Teacher, a Bible scholar or Hairdresser. Whatever He has called you to do on earth, He has equipted
you to do that service. You cannot be anything you want, as there is an invisible
code inside you that gives you your assignment on earth. But we all have different ones whether they are alike or not. There are millions and millions of us with similar tasks, but none the exact same. He is a creator, not a copywrite.

3.Law Of Recognition - God always hides something in someone you do not want
to see. If you could see everything in everybody, then God would not have a purpose in changing things in people and giving you an imagination. It is to
recognize that others have value like you do. He will not let you see everything
on purpose until it is revealed by Him to show it is He who is in charge. You
won't always like what you find out about another either because He is changing you as you move into Him all the time. It is an ongoing process. He wants to
keep things hidden for His purposes and His glory to change man.If you recognize everything in people, you wouldn't need God's guidance.

4.  Law Of Two - Matt.18:18-19 Jesus sent them out two by two. God connects
you and it will multiply. Two are better than one. One can send 1000 to flight,
and 2 can send 10,000 to flight. There is more power in numbers. He makes us to work together and be together in His world for His purpose. Everything He made has a place to be and a purpose to fulfill. If you fill empty inside, it may
be because you have not invited the Lord Jesus into your heart to make Him
Lord of your life. I encourage you to do that today before it is too late because
we do not know the hour or day He will come, or how many days we have left.
He sent them out two by two to have a double portion of the anointing to get
the lost saved and into the kingdom of God. So do it today while there is time.

5.Law Of Place - You do not belong everywhere. But you belong somewhere.
You are not the whole earth's answer, as there are enough people assigned
to places to get the people saved.Jer. 1 God gave you the assingnment He wanted
you to have in your Mother's womb. It is geographical. Money is anywhere God wants you to be. You do not belong everywhere or anywhere. Jesus didn't do well in places. He left Nazereth to go to Capernia.Provision is the confirmation
you are in the will of God for your life. Fish don't live on land. They have to be in water. Your genius emerges when you are where you are supposed to be.
It won't always be where you want to be, but you will prosper there. He doesn't
put the same types in the places to do the same assignments. You will do well when you find out where you are supposed to be. If you don't do well in a place, you will move to that place you are assigned to be. It will not always be with balloons, but you will know if you ask the Lord if you are in the right place
and He doesn't answer. That means you are where you need to be. There's
a place to be whether it is comfortable or not. It isn't always comfortable
where you are but you will have the peace to know it is the place. Go where you are celebrated and not tolerated. When you are where you belong, you will have no rivals. 1 Kings 17, Money is waiting for you where you are assigned. It is a "Place called There." Divine prosperity is where you are to be. Provision is confirmation that you are in the Will of God for your life.

6.  Law Of Honor - Your future is determined by who you have chosen to honor.
If you fail with your life, it will be because you have chosen not to honor a person. The smartest kid in the family is the one who honors his parents. It is so
easy to succeed by just honoring your parents. Things will not go right in our life in time, if you chose not to honor your parents. It is so easy to succeed if you want honor in your life. It is a command to honor your parents
whether or not they were good to you. That isn't the issue. God chose
who would be your parents, not you. Good or not. They were chosen by God
to be yours. You may not agree because of the way you were raised, but that
is the Law of Honor. It is the seed for access. Dishonor is the seed for loss and tragedy. Honor protects, corrects, submits, yields, and listens. Seed of honor will last a life time. What do you consider your code of honor?

7. Law Of The Seed - Tenth of your pay check belongs to the Lord. it is His
anyway. he is the one who got you the job. He is the reason you have everything you do. he is only asking for a tenth of your check. You get to keep 90%
for Him to expand for you, if you believe he will. Everything is the law of eventuality. it takes time. What you sow, you reap. if you do not give, it may take time, but it will eventually show up in your life.If it was jup to man, he's want t
you to give him 90%, and him keep the 10%. the tithe is Holy to God. And it is throughout the Bible. you may say you cannot afford to, but you cannot afford not to! The seed is Holy unto God. he made the rule, not man. whatever he has in mind when he asks for a seed, He has a harvest in mind. No two are alike.
It takes obedience to get where you are going, and it takes time. Nothing is
instant. It is the Law of eventuality. You will flouish where you are planted
 and the seed will grow where you water it. If it doesn't prosper you, ask if
you are in the place where God has planted you.

The Lord would say, "There's a new road to travel on. A new path to take. The old one is worn out from miles of travel. It is a straight and narrow road that I have set for you to take with me. it will be easier than before. So take my hand and ride with me down the new path that I have set before you. There are people waiting at the end of the road for you to help. They need the Lord and need you to show Him to them. All kinds of people that need a Savior, the Lord Jesus.There are arthritic, blind, normal, crippled, kind, mean, and all different colors, sizes,and shapes of different sorts.They need Jesus too." He needs us to do as He has asked because time is short. Be obedient today.

This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today! do not let this day pass without deciding to come to
Jesus today as your Lord and Savior. your life will never be the same.