Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day - Lisa Patterson

Today we give thanks for all the soldiers who gave their lives for us to live free. We should not
complain about the state our Country is in when we did not fight for freedom. We are free and
is to be commended for all the work they did to save us whether losing their lives or here. So
compassion and courage to brave a War. God Love them all! We have much to be thankful for
too and are not always remembering this day as a day for freedom. So, we should be thankful to
all who died and gave their lives for us. We might not be here if they did not fight for us.
Be grateful all the time. The Lord loves all of us and those who fought for us at any cost! It is a
special kind if day for all and we should be glad to have it. Let us pray we will continue to have
the freedom we did not work for but have it anyway. Thank you Lord for all you do for us. We
should be happy today for that. All the other Countries do not have this freedom.
The Lord would say,"I have taken the garbage to the road. No more trash! I am cleaning the mess.
It is all mine and I can do you a great favor to get the Miracle you have been waiting for.
Do not worry about those who left. It is me. I love you my children.Do not worry about anything
I am doing. No more trash at the door. It is gone. All  that is left is from the storm.I am blowing a
gentle breeze into your heart to get a fresh breeze and break off all rejection, hurt,accusations and
junk and replace it with his goodness and mercy." Praise gets you into the Outer Court
but not Inner. Worship does. Those that wait upon the Lord renew their strength.
Ps.80:18  Wait upon the Lord. He will change you and you will not know it. Your heart will be
changed. Get quickened. One hr. is generally what it takes to get there. Eph.1:3. Quickened by the spirit. Be still and know that I am the Lord who healeth thee. I will not have any other Gods
before me He says and that means anything that takes up residence where He belongs. So, get your
heart ready for what He has in store for you today! He has so much for His children to learn about Him. We need to give Him time to get to know Him and all that He has done for us. Never will there ever be anyone else to love you like Jesus does and do for you if you will give Him the permission. He is a gentleman and will not intrude into you or force his way. All He wants is your time.
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him
this very hour. Not time to waste!