Friday, April 11, 2014

Sin And Leprosy - Lisa Patterson

The same rod Moses stretched out to the Red sea is the same one to surrender yourself to the Lord and let him work through him.The leprose hand was clean until he struck it in his heart, then it was leprosy. Showing the condition of the heart. Leprosy outwardly is what sin looks like inwardly. I Sam. 16, The Lord looks inward where man looks outwardly. James 1:13 God cannot tempt man, only the evil one can tempt man.

Lev.13 Examining skin for leprosy. Sin is dangerous to you and the Church. If
you can sin and not know it, you are not saved. If you know it, then you are saved and should be convicted. The signs of leprosy are:       
1 If hair on a scar turns white
2. takes root and gets down in the flesh
3. presence of raw flesh that did not heal, Gal 5:19 very blattened
4. spreads and is contagious. It affects other believers. Rebellious attitude
spreads like wildfire. Leprosy isn't known in most of the world. Luke 5:12
spiritually, only Jesus can remove sin. Rom. 6:23  The wages of sin is death.
Have you received the blood for payment of your sins (are you saved)?
Jer.29:11 The thoughts of us are good and not evil,the Lord says, plans to prosper, and not harm you. Thoughts to give you peace and show you mercy.
Isaiah 55:11 My word shall not return void but accomplish what I have, says the Lord. God wants to do things in our lives but he wants to go to destinations
to do them because we don't have all that we know to do. Others do that have been there and had to be in the pit with the Lord to get it.
God has to have a prepared vessel with the anointing that has been somewhere
to get the anointing. A 17 yr. old Priest isn't ready to be a King yet.
I Sam 17. Saul was jealous of David and Saul was close to the throne, but not
quite ready. But the Lord knows when He is ready to use you. Get ready.
Luke 22:31 Enemy is desired to sift you as wheat, but God's plans are much
bigger. I Peter 1:7 The trial of your faith is more precious than gold. God is preparing each step for David to be King You must be able for service before
 becoming a King(the people). I Chon.11 David is a mighty man.
The Lord wants everyone to be saved. Leprosy was a terrible disease that was in the olden times. but today, there are so many more that come on us from sin. Not everything is from sin, but the lord does not want anyone to be sick. he wants us to come to Him and be with Him the rest of our lives. The enemy means buisness and he will not stop at anything he can use to get our attention on the
world, and not the Lord. It is a narrow road to travel to be with the Lord.
But you will experience peace, joy, love, goodness, mercy and grace, with the Lord when he is your Father. it is a terrible thing to have a disease like leprosy
(a type of cancer only the Lord can cure). There are many others only the Lord can cure. You do not want anything the enemy gives out and he is more subtle than the beast of the field, and cunning, and will make you think everything is
fine, but then it gets worse and never better. Always the same, no peace, sleep,
joy, patience, mercy, as you get with the Lord. Time is short and there's no time to waste to get to know the Lord as your saviour. Many get saved but do not know him as Lord of their lives, and therefore the doorway is still open for more disasters. because the Lord wants all of you, not just part. So, come to Him today and you will see a change very soon. The Lord would say," Today is the day for your new beginning and come unto me to hear my cry this hour. The days are dark and the enemy is searching for whom he may devour. So, don't get caught up with the frills of this world and the lights and fancy ways of the world. It is just a way to get you off track from the enemy and he has a way of being sly. But I am here this very hour to help you and save you from the dark days and the things of this world. Don't go that path as mine is straight and narrow and I will lead you. You will not be lead astray as you would by the wide path the enemy wants to entangle you in. Take my hand and let me lead you the right way. I want my people to come unto me now. There's a new garden I have planted. And I have fresh new flowers full of love and joy and a new peace, says the Lord,that you haven't experienced before. It comes from Heaven that is in the place where I have planted it for you. All the Godly things you have desired are there waiting for you to come get it. So take my hand and stroll with me through the path of light and garden of love I have planted for you."Repentence is the key to God's blessings and He will hear you and clean you up if you ask.
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today. For time is short and we do not know the hour when the Lord will come. It will be too late if you keep waiting and He comes and you are not ready. So come unto Him today and let Him live in your heart and make you a new creature. Do not let the enemy let you think you're ok in the heart without checking yourself to see if there's anything that needs to be cleansed. it will change your life and make you new again.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Seven Laws Of Success - Lisa Patterson

The Seven Laws of Success

The only thing the Lord wants the most is order. Not salvation, or money.
Decisions decide seasons. Isaiah 1:19.
1. Law Of Difference - Must discern the difference from others. Success is
produced through difference. No one is made alike and the way to tell if you are doing what you are supposed to do is your difference from others. You will
always have a difference that distinguishes you from others. What you can tolerate, you cannot change. if you can accept $8.00 an hr., you cannot change your future. You have to want to do something that nobody else has in order to make a difference. God did not decide your decisions. You did cause He gave you a will of your own to decide what you want to do with your life. But if you do not choose to do as He has created for you, then you will be miserable all your life.

Everybody will not accept you the way you are, but there is no other you. God didn't make a zerox out of you. No such thing as a clone. Everything was made to serve a purpose and solve a problem while on earth.You are unique as you are and no one is alike. There are differences in assignments and gifts in everyone.

2. Law Of the Mind - You mind needs a focus. It is your servant. It was not
made to master you, but you to master it. Eph. 1:17 Says the mind needs a focus and without it you will be miserable until you find out what your focus is on earth. Spend your money on your mind. It is a wonderful thing God has given you.Every house is different. There are those who build there's around children.Those who have there's as a house of learning(books and libraries at home), and those for conversation(talking about everything that they love and discipline etc.) Psalm 91 and 37, strength of the God.

The mind needs an assignment. Your mind needs pictures of where you are going.Put up pictures of where you want to go in life. It maybe you are destined to be on the water as a Boat captain.Or a fisherman. You may want to be a flight mechanic, or a Pilot. Whatever it is, you did not decide it. He made you that way. You can always do more than one thing,but the one most promenant in your life is the one that is first.

Meditation is to mumble to yourself. To tell yourself what you are doing with
your life assignment. It is your job to find out what God created you to do.
But you won't know for sure until you get to know Him as Lord and Savior.
Your assignment is anything you were created to do while here on earth and
it was decided in your Mother's womb before your birth. Jer. 1. He created
you and your assignment before you were born. And it is an invisible assignment. No one has exactly what you have to complete your assignment.
You may be a Dentist, a Doctor, a Lawyer, a Teacher, a Bible scholar or Hairdresser. Whatever He has called you to do on earth, He has equipted
you to do that service. You cannot be anything you want, as there is an invisible
code inside you that gives you your assignment on earth. But we all have different ones whether they are alike or not. There are millions and millions of us with similar tasks, but none the exact same. He is a creator, not a copywrite.

3.Law Of Recognition - God always hides something in someone you do not want
to see. If you could see everything in everybody, then God would not have a purpose in changing things in people and giving you an imagination. It is to
recognize that others have value like you do. He will not let you see everything
on purpose until it is revealed by Him to show it is He who is in charge. You
won't always like what you find out about another either because He is changing you as you move into Him all the time. It is an ongoing process. He wants to
keep things hidden for His purposes and His glory to change man.If you recognize everything in people, you wouldn't need God's guidance.

4.  Law Of Two - Matt.18:18-19 Jesus sent them out two by two. God connects
you and it will multiply. Two are better than one. One can send 1000 to flight,
and 2 can send 10,000 to flight. There is more power in numbers. He makes us to work together and be together in His world for His purpose. Everything He made has a place to be and a purpose to fulfill. If you fill empty inside, it may
be because you have not invited the Lord Jesus into your heart to make Him
Lord of your life. I encourage you to do that today before it is too late because
we do not know the hour or day He will come, or how many days we have left.
He sent them out two by two to have a double portion of the anointing to get
the lost saved and into the kingdom of God. So do it today while there is time.

5.Law Of Place - You do not belong everywhere. But you belong somewhere.
You are not the whole earth's answer, as there are enough people assigned
to places to get the people saved.Jer. 1 God gave you the assingnment He wanted
you to have in your Mother's womb. It is geographical. Money is anywhere God wants you to be. You do not belong everywhere or anywhere. Jesus didn't do well in places. He left Nazereth to go to Capernia.Provision is the confirmation
you are in the will of God for your life. Fish don't live on land. They have to be in water. Your genius emerges when you are where you are supposed to be.
It won't always be where you want to be, but you will prosper there. He doesn't
put the same types in the places to do the same assignments. You will do well when you find out where you are supposed to be. If you don't do well in a place, you will move to that place you are assigned to be. It will not always be with balloons, but you will know if you ask the Lord if you are in the right place
and He doesn't answer. That means you are where you need to be. There's
a place to be whether it is comfortable or not. It isn't always comfortable
where you are but you will have the peace to know it is the place. Go where you are celebrated and not tolerated. When you are where you belong, you will have no rivals. 1 Kings 17, Money is waiting for you where you are assigned. It is a "Place called There." Divine prosperity is where you are to be. Provision is confirmation that you are in the Will of God for your life.

6.  Law Of Honor - Your future is determined by who you have chosen to honor.
If you fail with your life, it will be because you have chosen not to honor a person. The smartest kid in the family is the one who honors his parents. It is so
easy to succeed by just honoring your parents. Things will not go right in our life in time, if you chose not to honor your parents. It is so easy to succeed if you want honor in your life. It is a command to honor your parents
whether or not they were good to you. That isn't the issue. God chose
who would be your parents, not you. Good or not. They were chosen by God
to be yours. You may not agree because of the way you were raised, but that
is the Law of Honor. It is the seed for access. Dishonor is the seed for loss and tragedy. Honor protects, corrects, submits, yields, and listens. Seed of honor will last a life time. What do you consider your code of honor?

7. Law Of The Seed - Tenth of your pay check belongs to the Lord. it is His
anyway. he is the one who got you the job. He is the reason you have everything you do. he is only asking for a tenth of your check. You get to keep 90%
for Him to expand for you, if you believe he will. Everything is the law of eventuality. it takes time. What you sow, you reap. if you do not give, it may take time, but it will eventually show up in your life.If it was jup to man, he's want t
you to give him 90%, and him keep the 10%. the tithe is Holy to God. And it is throughout the Bible. you may say you cannot afford to, but you cannot afford not to! The seed is Holy unto God. he made the rule, not man. whatever he has in mind when he asks for a seed, He has a harvest in mind. No two are alike.
It takes obedience to get where you are going, and it takes time. Nothing is
instant. It is the Law of eventuality. You will flouish where you are planted
 and the seed will grow where you water it. If it doesn't prosper you, ask if
you are in the place where God has planted you.

The Lord would say, "There's a new road to travel on. A new path to take. The old one is worn out from miles of travel. It is a straight and narrow road that I have set for you to take with me. it will be easier than before. So take my hand and ride with me down the new path that I have set before you. There are people waiting at the end of the road for you to help. They need the Lord and need you to show Him to them. All kinds of people that need a Savior, the Lord Jesus.There are arthritic, blind, normal, crippled, kind, mean, and all different colors, sizes,and shapes of different sorts.They need Jesus too." He needs us to do as He has asked because time is short. Be obedient today.

This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today! do not let this day pass without deciding to come to
Jesus today as your Lord and Savior. your life will never be the same.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Doing Away With The Old Law - Lisa Patterson

Since we can do away with the old Law, now we can have access to the Lord.
If God's not there, there is no liberty. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Lay aside every weight that holds you back.. Heb. 12 The Glory cloud of witness knows you are here because he spoke you into being. Your house has to be right. Stop sinning. Sin blocks you- weight holds you back. The Holy Ghost  will shield your mind. The devil can't get in your spirit, house, or mind unless you let him. Poverty thinking is to not let go of the past and let the future come through! Let go for the poverty thinking to go.
The devil wants you to give up and throw in the towel.He is mad. His days are short and he is trying everything he can to have his way and take the people who will let him. You have to respond like you have the victory. The devil had messed up! The blood counts for every negative word. Whatever you feed will take over in your life. But you have a new mindset and a new focus.
You must love your enemy. Isaiah 10:27 The burden will be removed because of the anointing. If nothing happens and no burden is removed and no yoke destroyed, the anointing is not there. It cost to have the anointing(fatness around your neck). You will leap through walls! God has to gradually build you up for his anointing. You gotta sing at home before you sing at Church.
Heb. 2:1 He has given us the Holy Spirit. If you haven't gotten the anointing, you don't have it. You may have the Holy Spirit, but not the anointing. God said you have to do something yourself. We have a choice and a will to chose what we want. he doesn't force himself on us. Rev. 22:10-19 You gotta work out your own salvation. Jesus told his diciples to uphold the law. You get  ticket when you are not in the spirit. Get a refreshing in your own mind. God will put you by yourself to see if you are what you say you are for Him. God tells you simple stuff, not mystical. Use what you have and God will process you to another level.
What do you do when you get the breakthrough? Time will tell. He wants you to work and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
The Holy Spirit is the teacher, who will teach you all things to come. But you must stay in Him to have the things you desire. And they will line up with Him.
Be a faithful partner with the Lord and let Him handle all your desires. He cares for you and your life and those you have been carrying around inside of you for so long. You need a break and let Him do the work for you and stop trying to get it all done yourself! Jesus is Lord and He will sustain you through the hard times as well as the good. So stop trying so hard to do that which only He can do and will do if you will just trust Him today." There's a fresh new wind blowing your way. It is a new breeze that will saturate you if you let the Lord in. Over in the valley the butterflies are coming up of all different colors and fragrances for you. They are the air, and the guidance and the healing and love you have wanted. There is one for you. All kinds of colors to make you feel free. You are never to go back to the old. Just enjoy the new breeze that is blowing your way."
 Now is the time because we are not promised tomorrow. There is never any way to get back to Heaven once you have missed it and gone your own way and not wanting to go the way of the Lord. And Jesus is the only way. so let Him in today before it's too late. Hell is real and don't let the enemy tell you otherwise. He will trick you into thinking you can come in another way. Be wise to his devises, as he is shrewd and sly, and underhanded.
There are those who think there's another way to get to Heaven. But there is only one God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus. So come to Him today and have a life changing experience like never before. He will do it for you.This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's a New Day - Lisa Patterson

Today is the day to be thankful for all the Lord is doing. Although things may seem to be intertwined in your life. He makes the crooked places straight. There's a new beginning coming this year and it is for all God's people. He loves everyone and is not partial, sick or not, healthy, clean, dirty, job, no job, in pain, no pain, money, no money. We are all the same in His sight. The Lord loves us all the same. We are His craftsmenship and He spent time putting us together. He said to hold on, if you are His, and let him finish what he's doing. He is straightening it all out and taking care of it all for you. "There's a new day coming to prepare for the way of the Lord and His people to gather together and be the people He made us to be. We are intricately and wonderfully made, and there's nothing that will harm you if you are in Him. To be in the world is to be outside the umbrella of what He's wanting and doing for us." His way is the best even though we may not understand why why we have to go through the things we do. You say, I have been treated mean and ugly by people who were supposed to love me and be by my side. Come into Him and let Him do the cleaning up that needs to be done in order to get you where you need to be. Don't try to think you can do it yourself. He made us and we cannot "fix" ourselves.Only the Lord knows our inner thoughts and desires and what to do when we need changing. It is imperative to go to the Father and let Him do the work. It is always a spiritual thing that we cannot do, because we are a spirit, made in the image of God. He uses men to help us get the things we need. He made us all so different that we have to have each other. Whether it seems small to you, it is big in His eyes.We are precious to Him, for we are all made differently and no two are alike, even identical twins.
John 10:10 says,For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him would be saved and not perish. Don't let the enemy tell you there is no such thing as hell. It is a very real place and was designed for the devil and his cohorts. Not for God's people.The devil is very good at tricking people and uses many ways to do so. The Lord never wanted anyone to go to hell. But people are going everyday. If you do not have peace in your heart, you need to check and make sure you belong to the Lord Jesus. Make it right. No peace is a sign things aren't right with Jesus. The devil doesn't want you to read this because it will mess with your convictions. You can backslide, but not for long. The Lord will woo you back to Him and you can't keep turning him down and doing what you want to do.You will know it is wrong if you have the Lord in your heart.It doesn't matter if you have been left by your spouse, or your kids don't like you. It's time to get right with the Lord and He will bring those things back in place.When you receive Him you'll know it inside and have peace. You won't say, that Bible is just another book. you'll know it's real. So, quit putting it off today and get it right with the Lord before it's too late. Too many are missing the boat and going with the enemy. There's no turning back when you get to eternity. it is real whether you think so. The devil will tell you it isn't and there's plenty of ways to get to Heaven. But it's a straight and narrow path.II Cor. 1:18 says, If any man is in Christ he is a new creature. Old things have passed away, new things are here. Behold, you are a new creature and your body is the same, but your spirit is new. You must renew it through the Word of the Lord. All things are new, nothing is held back that is not known to the Lord. He is so very proud when we make Him our Lord and Savior forever.The Lord is saying He has given us gifts to take to the people who need him and help them get healed up and delivered. It is free to those who want it. Free gifts to his children to take to the world and help get his people unslaved. He loves everyone so much that He has given us his gifts to do this.
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today. So just ask Him to come into your heart now.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year - Lisa Patterson

Let us all give thanks for the things the Lord has done for us this past year. it may or may not have been the way you thought. But he does not do things in your time frame. The Lord is good and His mercy endureth forever!!
Let us take time to tell the Lord what we want Him to know and how we feel about Him. For he want s to know how we feel about him. For He careth for you even when you think there's no way out. Many have been there and all are loved by Him, who made us in his own image. Psalm 139:14, I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Sometimes it takes something like an injury or a sickness to remind us of the masterful design that we carry around in our bodies. Focus your mind on Jesus and his wondrous love for you and how detailed you were made. Let Him life your heart to grateful worship no matter what happens. Many of us suffer the pain of abandonment, rejection, and betrayal. Despite all this, through Christ we can understand the compassionate, and enduring nature of true love. You must remember you are loved by God. Jesus said so with His life that He gave us. No matter what the enemy tries to throw your way, and he can certainly do it, the Lord is bigger and stronger than anything he could try to do if you trust Him. But you must trust Him no matter how hard it may seem and as though nothing appears to be working. The Lord is always at work for those who call upon His name. He loves everybody saved or not, sick or not, or whether you believe in Him or not. because you cannot make yourself anything you aren't. It doesn't work that way. He is God and loves us all.
Remember, the Helper, the Holy Spirit, will teach you all things. John 14:26. The Apostle Paul had many Helpers in his work of ministry. Helping is a spiritual gift, according to I Cor. 12:28. Paul listed it among the gifts from the Holy Spirit and are given to believers in Christ's body, the Church. The gift of "Helps" is as much needed as the others that are listed. If Jesus called you to help in the Church, a person who Helps the Called, then you are to do it and do the best you can with your hands. Even the Holy Spirit is called a "Helper" Jesus said, the Helper, has gifted you, let Him use you for his honor. If you play an instrument, teach the children, read to the elderly, lead a class, work in the kitchen, teach Bible School or a class, you are a Helper in the body of Christ. There are many other parts to the body and you have to ask Him and discern which one it is you fit. you cannot make yourself something He did not make you. For He is the one who bestowed the gifts you have in you, called to the ministry or not. But everyone who has been saved has a ministry. See where you fit in the body of Christ for the New Year and let Him use you to the capacity He chooses.For he made us and there is no other. Do not be tricked by the enemy saying you can do anything you want.
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News the Jesus Loves You and wants you to come to Him today. Time is short so do not put it off any longer and let the enemy make you think you can just put it off tomorrow, for it may be too late!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS - Lisa Patterson

This is the Season for giving thanks for the Lord, our Savior, to be Praised. For He is worthy of all the blessings He has bestowed on us throughout the year. Jesus is the Reason for the Season. He Loves us more than we will ever know. The Lord wants to deal with your heart and let Him take away all the heartaches and troubles from you that have caused you problems this yr. and many yrs. past. He is a very loving God who does not want any of his people to suffer heartache and pain. He is available for you all the time if you would give him the time. He wants to mend broken hearts and things that have caused damage in your life.For the Lord ,He is good and His mercy endureth forever.
He has not caused all the heartache in your life, but the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy that which is in your heart to make you sick and anxious. There's nothing in God's agenda to cause that for you. He lives in Heaven where there is no blue Mondays. There is no such thing as sadness. But you must get to know Him as He longs for that within himself. For he made us and there is no other. He's the only one who can take your broken heart and make it brand new all over again. There is a stillness in the air for you to come and abide in Him.
He has all power and glory within Him waiting for you to come ask Him for it.
Let Him take you and straighten out your heart today, and you will see things you had no seen before. A newness will come upon you and a light will shine on you that you have never had before. You children need to see it and the people around you need to see it in this lost and broken world. But He is the creator of the universe, and there is none other.
There are people in your lives that have been praying for you a long time and you may not be aware. But God has put them on their heart to pray for you. So let go of all the unforgiveness and pressures of this life. it only gets worse as we look within ourselves to find answers that aren't there. Let Him mend the hole in your heart today and make a statement that you want the New Year to be a bright one and that it will be one you want to give to the Lord to replentish yourself. All the answers to life are in the Bible that he gave us out of his love for mankind. Don't let this yr. end with an unthankful heart. Let him clean out the places that need spiritual surgery. For we were bought with a high price and there is none other to take he sins of the world and place them on His only begotten son. He sacrificed His only son for us so that we would live and live abundantly. He wants you so much that He did that for us. and left no one out. But people are dying everyday not knowing how much they are loved by the Father. Let Him take you up high with Him to straighten out the crooked places in you that only He knows how to do.The Lord would say ,"I am replentishing that which the enemy has stolen from you. So do not be weary in well doing, for I am the Lord God who healeth thee and takes care of all thy shortcomings and makes it all work out good for you because you have walked the path I chose for you. I am well pleased and nothing shall by any means harm you.Stay on guard."
For it is with much passion and love that He would have you to know Him as the one and only son of God the Father." There's a brown pasture with dead grass that has sprouts of green grass coming up all in it and that is the people of God, to go after the dead souls the Lord is after. And He chose us as His pick to get the souls out there that need Him and there's no time to be wasted any more."
So lets get out there and get the work done this coming new year and bring in the souls for the Lord, so there are none perishing any more.
This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that God Loves you and wants you to come to Him today. So Merry Christmas to everyone and  very Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving - Lisa Patterson

Today is the day to thank the Good Lord for all He has done in our lives and all He is about to do. We should be thankful when things don't look so good, as well as when they do. He did not put us here to have it made like we want all the time. He put us here with a plan for each and every one of us to do with our lives.
God Loves us so much and we cannot seem to comprehend it. Seems as though it's always something we are dealing with, and want Him to come through, not knowing him well and wondering why we don't get our way every time we ask.
He may want to lead us down another path some times to teach us some thing about life that we thought we already knew. But as time goes on, we realize we need him to help us understand the world and the things in it. It is a complex but simple thing to know Him.
He is not obligated to answer us every time we call, and give us what we have asked for. It must line up with his word. We forget that as much as he loves us, He is still going to answer our prayers lined up with His word.
Today only comes once a year. So we should be thankful for everything we have.
There isn't anything that was made that He did not make. You do not have a thing that God himself did not give you!!
So be thankful to Him and bless His name all ye people. For He is Lord and there is no other. He is our source for everything. Rest in Him and let his light shine upon you. Be still and know that I am the Lord your God, for there is no other. he is our rest, our wake, our sleep, our sunshine, our happiness and joy, and everything pertaining to Godliness. We should be glad to have Him in our hearts. He is not the author of confusion. There is an enemy here who wants to kill, steal, and destroy. That is his mission. So when something happens and it isn't from the Lord, we cannot say the Lord did it. For there is another out there waiting for you to give in and do his will.
The Lord would say, "Do not follow the leading of the destructive force who is always there to hurt you. He may come in a sneaky way, a subtle way, and a very sly way to deceive you. Remember I said that even the very elect would be deceived. He comes as a form of light to make you think it's the Lord. He can speak in a small nice voice also to make you think it's the Lord. But he is a flake and will deceive you if you don't know the Lord. He will say nice things and can even beg to get you to do something you know is wrong, but may seem right at the time. So be very careful to hear the right voice. There are many out there coming to take away your happiness and that is not the Lord. The Lord is good and His mercy is everlasting. He Loves you everlasting and there's nothing He won't do for them who love Him. Be quick to discern the voice of the Lord. Know that the enemy and his co-horts do not want you to have a Thanksgiving full of good things and family. Let your countenence shine for the people to know there is a Savior who paid a high price to save you and get you healed up! The enemy is mad and is trying to get us messed up with our minds and our stuff. He knows that is the closest to you.  There's a newness coming and he's mad. So don't let it distract you. For it is just a phase.This is going to be a Brand New Year in the Lord. So wait and see what I am about to do." I would say you must wait on the Lord to get to know Him as well as study his word. For just spending a few minutes everyday is not enough to get to know what He has for you and how much he loves you. We must learn to rest in Him and trust Him with all our hearts. He wants all of us, not part. He made us and knows how we are and what we are made of. There's so many of us and each one different. So that tells you he is interested in us and nothing else could be a creator like that. We have passed many tests and He is well pleased. This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves you and wants you to come to Him today because time is short and we do not know the hour that He will come to take us home to be with Him forever. So come to Him today!