Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!! - Lisa Patterson

Happy New Year 2018!! This is the year for brand new things and a brand new year in the Lord. 2018 a New Powerful Year in the Lord!
A wonderful time is about to approach for those who love the Lord. Even those who think He doesn't love them. He is here and ready to do a new work in you this yr. Everything you have
asked is going to show up in you this yr as you reach for Him! It may look as though it is bleak 
not happening and He has not shown up. But He wants you to see Him as He really is! The most
wonderful Lord of all and Father of all. He can and will do the mighty works in you and though
you that you can imagine. He said"The corkscrew was on too tight and He is fixing it
to come off like it is supposed to come off .You have tried to take it off yourself and have not succeeded. But He has done it for you. There is always a way that pleases him and  you will know it when it all comes in place." There have been so many
 times you thought it won't work. There's no way, but He knew that and is doing
it for you so that it is right! Let Him do the untightening and tightening. He knows how. There's no
reason to worry about anything because the Father already knows your heart and how you want him to do this for you. It will take an act of faith to get it all done. Not hard for him at all. He delights in taking care of his kids and will go to any length for you. All you have to do is let go!! He will take
care of it if you just let go!! It is all in his plan and had been for yrs and yrs! So, let the Father see
it all. He said he sees it all, knows it all and hears it all. Nothing is hidden in him! A brand new day
arises and He will open the eyes of your heart. Ask him to do that and he will. The heart is made
by Him if you are in Him. He loves you no mater what. We are a new creature in Christ when we take him as our Father. Let the New Let the new year come in as a revelation to you.He wants to do wonderful things this yr. 2018 will be a yr for new blossoms to spring forth. New arrangements are
being formed right now. He has been rearranging things for a long time to get things in the order he
has ordered them to be in the beginning.A new time for everyone to be in. A whole new time for the
things he has made to come about to where he assigned them to be. We have been praying for yrs
the Lord to do this and that and all that was out of order to be put back. He is doing that now. And when he does it no one can change it at all. He said "All I have done and am about to do is just right on the brink of happening and no man can stop what I have already done and am about to do for you as you wait for me in that still small voice I have prepared for you!" So have a great Holiday and Happy New Yr for 2018. It is a yr to remember all that is changing and will be changed and it will be done. Be blessed and stay in the word as He prepares a table in the presence of our enemies!! " I am coming around the corner, all around the corner to straighten out the crooked places whether you see them or not. I am coming around the corner all around the corner to mend the crooked places and keep the path straight that the enemy has tried to take away. All of it. All of me and see that I am going to get it all straightened out for you. See how I work in your life and watch me work this out."
It's a yr to remember all He has done. This is Lisa Patterson With The Good News That Jesus Loves You and Wants You to Come To Him!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Resting In Him - Lisa Patterson

The Lord said He will be strong so we should glory in your weakness. Rest so you will be able
to do what He says. He needs us to be strong and sober minded. What's the care for?Rest, says the Lord, and I'll do it!. I reveal secrets to my chosen who listen to me. I will be a light and a lamp unto your feet and light in darkness.. Mountains will be moved in my rest. Don't linger away from me. Some rebuking in the middle of the night
 is necessary. Darkness is near so be of good cheer. Do not be swayed by this or that report.
. Don't look around you and judge that person. By my spirit  I'll speak by my heart.Col 3 Our life is hidden in Him. We cannot control it. So give it to Him and let Him have all the stuff you have been dealing with so He can take it off your shoulders. II Chron.32:31 When we get temporarily away from Him our hearts get exposed!He said,
"Go on up the ladder with me. It may looks like all these things are happening around you. That things are not going forward and people are not cooperating with you. This is part of the way it goes when you are walking higher up in me. Do not get weary and looking back. The enemy want you to think it is not happening. But be of good cheer as I am well pleased with my children who have decided to walk after me. There's a new peace coming that cannot be shaken. Stay on course and the light will shine brighter than before and darkness will have to go. Let go of all insecurity and I will take it all for you. For this is my doing and no enemy will be able to stop it, says the Lord."
I'm filling you up by my presence. Thank you for the body of  Christ. He's shaking stuff off. Dust and stuff has to go. The cares of this world has to go. Give it all back to Him as He is your maker.
And also  care and fear has to go! Cannot go back. For I love you and my heart is for you.
 Don't care what they say. It doesn't matter except for me. Family members are being healed
up now in Jesus name. Take care of it all. Stay by my side. It is well with your soul if you stay
by my side. Let me in so I can love you. All of you. I don't want part but all! My son did not die
for part of me, but all." I am about to move in a mighty way. Don't take care about it all. I am fixing
the crooked places and making the pathway straight for you. I am well pleased with my children
who come together. Stay on the right path. I am going to show you things and it will happen
quickly. Be by my side so I can show you things you will not get in this earthly life. It is hidden
in me and forever in me and for those who obey at all cost. I am well pleased with those who
have stayed through thick and thin knowing the enemy was always there to take away those things
 that I said you can have. So be of good cheer and let me come into you even more as the days
go by and are getting darker. Be still and know that I am your God and always there for you." Be
a good soldier ready for battle and always ready armed and waiting to take on the evil in this hour.
So always study and rest in the Lord, meaning in the still of it all and the wars and famines to
take place, be still and know the Lord has heard the cries of his people. He will take refuge in
knowing He is able to take care of you through it all. Resting in peace and not being alarmed
at anything the enemy throws at you or your family. You are covered in the shield and protected
in the clothing He gave you to wear.Every one has to have a Shield of faith, Helmet of salvation,
Loins of truth, and your back covered with Protection of guards.He is cleaning out the crud that
has been in the cracks of your furniture for a long time, and all of your belongings. So you can
Be still and know I am the Lord. This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Is Lord
and He Loves you and wants you to come to Him today!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pride - The Killer - Lisa Patterson

To be humble is God's way. Numbers 12:1-9. Pride is dangerous. Miriam was mad at Moses
marrying an Egyptian woman and leprosy struck her for her pride. Moses was humble. and God
spoke to him face to face. Others are by visions.James 4: 7 Submit yourselves to God and resist the enemy and let the Lord in. Resist
the devil and he will flee. Joy is to spend time with each other. He will lift you up when you are
humble. I Sam 15:17 When you were small in your own eyes, you became head of the tribes
Israel. .Do not compare yourself. I Peter 5:5-7. Young people submit to your elders and clothe
yourselves with humility that He may exalt you in due time. Cast your care on the Lord. Ps. 69:30. He has got something to say to us in our mess.
Zephaniah- seek humility. Michah 6:8 He has shown what is good,  The Lord wants to do justly
and love mercy. Being submissive, II Samuel 28. To be humble is to be teachable and says thanks.
Proverbs 2:4 Humble yourself and seek my face and I will heal the land. Proverbs 22:4 By humility
and fear of the Lord are riches and honor- to be made whole. The wicked will be shown no mercy
if they do not turn away from their ways and let the Lord show them humility by His word and
way of life! There is a way of the Lord and humility is the way. He doesn't answer any other way
unless you are repenting of being in pride and everyone does but the Lord shows the way to get
past that to Him. He does not operate in pride. We must know this is the only way to Him as shown
numerous passages  in His Word. God loves us all but He is letting us know how to come to Him.
He is gentle and kind but will not permit jealousy or pride because it does not come from Him!
He would say, "Come unto me and let me set you free from all the adversary has in his pocket. Don't let him deceive you and show you the things of the world to get a glimmer from you to get you
off track. He will not back off so you must stay straight with me and see the way through. It is
always my way to come to me and not let the enemy play tricks with your head as he does so well
You must see the difference because the enemy is cunning and crafty. It's important to read me.
I am coming to break things off that are old and replace with new. Make it all like my puzzle I
put back together, the pieces to make it all fit together. So watch and see how I do this.Taking
old and replacing with new." The remnant he has called you to is for him.He doesn't put in a novice.
Pride will eventually kill you and there's no getting back once you are gone. We are eternal
and it is up to the person as to where they are going. Only the Holy Spirit can move you.
The Lord wants you to come to Him anyway you want to and do not have to "clean up." He
wants you the way you are. It is the will of the Father that no man should perish but all man
would come to me and lay it all down at His feet. He is the only way to the Father. All are
welcome to come and He invites you just the way you are! So, do not let this day pass by with
out letting the Father know you are ready. Days are short and nights are wicked. Time is getting
short and you may not see another day. It is the Will of the Father to come on in.Take advantage
of the offer everyday as He is waiting patiently for you! This is Lisa Patterson with the Good
News that Jesus Loves You and wants you to come today. No time to waste.