Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas - Lisa Patterson

Baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

When we give a fragile gift, we make sure it is marked on the box that contains it. The word fragile is written with big letters because we don't want anyone to damage what is inside. God's gift to us came in the most fragile package: a baby. Sometimes we imagine Christmas day as a beautiful scene on a postcard, but any Mother can tell you it wasn't so. Mary was tired, and maybe insecure. And the baby was born in the most unsanitary conditions. She wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the "inn." Luke 27.
A baby needs constant care. Babies cry, eat, sleep, and depends on caregivers. They cannot make decisions. In Mary's day, infant mortality was high, and mothers often died in childbirth. Why did God choose such a fragile way to send His son to earth? Because Jesus had to be like us in order to save us. God's greatest gift came in the fragile body of a baby, but God took the risk because He loves us. Let us be thankful today for such a gift! We need Him very hour.
Luke 2:1-7 Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! Do not take Him lightly.
Take time from your busy Holiday schedule and thank God for all the wonderful things he has bestowed on us and given us eternal life for accepting His only son
to die on the Cross for us at Calvalry, when He knew no sin at all. He loved us so much that he gave His only son to die for us, so we may be saved for eternity. He is so interested in us that He will go out of His way for us if we only believe on Him and have faith the way He wants. That is His faith and only that kind is the pleasing kind to Him. He wants us to come to Him just the way we are.
Lord said, "Let me do the work I started. It is mine and mine alone. I will take care of it all. It 's all so taken care of. I'm rearranging things to make it better and in more order. The order I want is the accurate arrangement of things and
events I have made for the Church. It is coming very soon. A new and beautiful Church just for my people. Be by my side for me to do this work I have planned for years and years. This is all my ways. No one can do what I do in the spirit for you. More and more things to come and quickly to come."
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This is Lisa Patterson with the Good
News that Jesus Loves you and wants you to come to Him today!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving - Lisa Patterson

Today we give thanks to the Good Lord for all He has bestowed upon us. He
has been so good to us this past year, even though we have had our trials and tribulations. The Bible said we would, so as not to be afraid of anything , but in all things give thanks. Those who do not reverence the Lord do not believe He is who He says He is,
the great restorer and great physician and healer for us. Although there's so much confusion going on in the world, we are not to worry about our lives. He said there would be much tribulation in this earth, but not to look
but Him. For He is our shield and comforter. He alone takes care of the birds in the air, the cattle, the animals and everything He made. He supplied food for them here on this earth. So why would He not take care of you? They do not have a soul, but He takes care of them. We do, and yet worry about how He is going to take care of our business while here on earth. Everything that has breath should bow before His Holy presense and sing unto Him a new song. He
will bless you and take good care of you if you will just take time to see about His goodness and mercy that endureth forever! Amen.

Yes, we may be praying for family members to be saved, etc. but He already knows that and has answered your prayers in His own way. We cannot tell how
He will do what he said, but He will do what you ask according to his devine will
and purpose for your life.He said this yr would be a new yr for those who have kept his promise and kept his word. The abiding faith within has kept you warm and cozy from the fiery darts of the enemy. He wanted to snatch you up but my hand was always there to catch you and make it alright. An aroma from Heaven abides in my people who have stayed by my side and loved me. There will be no marks on you but mine, and only then will you be able to reach out and hand the other person his healing and freshness. For you have to stay by me to do that and pray to me and ask in my name and you shall receive in my will.
So, take the bread and eat and drink of the cup to adoration unto the Lord this
very day to be grateful for all we have and the things He will do.

Let Him love you like He wants to. He made you with His own hands. The man was made out of the ground and the woman was made from his side to be with
him for partnership and protection. He made it that way for a reason so we could all be as one unto Him. He wants your attention this very hour. So, give it
to Him and let Him take away all the negative thoughts and everything that has
hurt you in the past. Let it all go and give it to Him, so He can make it right!
Be thankful for his name and the goodness He has bestowed upon man. He gave
man a will of his own to choose, but He paid a high price for that. You could have been puppets on a string, but He did not make you that way. He gave you a mind of your own and then asked you to come and join Him at his table with
Thanksgiving and pleasure for all He has done. We cannot do anything on our own. We were made for a purpose and can take our choice, but we need to choose Him! He loves you today and always will. Stay in the scriptures.
Have a Great thanksgiving time with your family and with Jesus.

This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that God Loves you and wants You to come to Him today!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Loving Others - Lisa Patterson

Our lives are for somebody else and not our own. I will love someone else and be what God chose me to be,
not just myself. Your life ended at the Cross and the new life is for someone else.

It is an assignment you have here on earth until the Lord calls you home. It is you spending time with the Lord and
about loving someone else for Christ. You have to have His love and power to love them. Get yourself before the
Lord and show Him you are wanting
His attention and love and see what He will do for you and your loved ones. Get prostrate before the Lord and humble yourself before Him to see how much He loves us and to change yourself to Him. He that over cometh will make it and those who don't will have judgement. You can love Jesus or not and fall. It is Christ in you and Christ that you are living. He wants us content with Him.

You can be weak and He is strong. Spend time with Him for communion. Have a sound mind. The enemy is not going to do this to me. You cannot live apart from the one who created you. There are too many gadgets that take us away from our creator and what He made us to be and intended for us!

Zeph. 1-6 ,3 classes of people who have not pleased the Lord. Those who have not sought the Lord, nor inquired of Him. Those get problems, get sick early and even die early.VS. 6 Those who have turned their backs from following the Lord have not sought Him, nor inquired of Him.

Gal. 2:20 We no longer live. It is Christ who lives in me and bore your burdens.
We have to live by faith alone! he sends problems for us to get to Him.!
Paul told Timothy to give himself totally to the Lord. Just take Him! And don't
try to do it yourself. God is not complicated with us and doesn't make it "over
your head." He knows everything and is easy and simple. Rest and relax and be
in peace. Give Him all of it. Do not be afraid. He is here if you are in Him.
John 17:1-15,24,25.

No longer I but Christ in me. Gal. 2:20. rest in the Holy Spirit. Must be patient
He is a good Father.We need His hand. He never leaves nor forsakes us. No
man or woman can teach you these things. Only Holy Spirit. We are on an individual and spiritual journey with Him. You cannot tell the Holy spirit what
to do or to hurry up or slow Him down. We are here to reveal to us.
Prov. 8 says God loves those who love Him. Deeper things come from showing
the Lord you love Him(at the table). He will give you practical things all day.
But deeper is getting in Him. We do not have to live. It is Him who lives in us.
You don't have to fix it or work it out. We can do all things but all things are not
necessary. Do not have to do it all. We do not have to live, He lives in us.

So, come to Him today and let Him love you like He always has from the
beginning of time! You were not made by accident. You are here for a reason.
He will not tell you everything because it's not yours to know. Just what He wants you to know. Take Him and let Him love you today. The Lord would say, "Come to the table and eat with me. I have everything you need here. There are all kinds of foods and gifts and talents are in here for you to receive. So be blessed and take that which I have prepared for you to have this hour. Your place is prepared and available for you to come eat at my table. Your gifts and talents will emerge when you come sit with me this hour. For why are you worried my children? What do you have to be concerned with? I am blowing a sweet flavored breeze your way with an aroma of flowers that you can smell within you and others sense the aroma around you. There's no need to be afraid or worried that these things will not work out. My time is not of the earth and you must rest in me to see the full fillment of what I am doing for you. "

This is Lisa Patterson with the Good News that Jesus Loves you and wants you
to come to Him today. Tomorrow may be too late!